Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

One day AliBaba was walking between the mountains and he saw the wood door into the mountain and he said "Eftah Ya SemSem".  That means door open; the door opened and he went through that door and after he entered the door closed and he saw too many gold and demons; Soon he heard the theives come and said the secret word and he was behind the door waiting.  Then to go out he told of of took some of that gold and demons and he tried to open the door and he couldn't remember the secret word "Eften i.e. SemSem" and when he said that opened he went out and he told everyone that story; when he asked them to go to that place everyone pleaded him and they caught the thieves.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Cap o' Rushes

This is a story about a rich man having three daughters.  One of the days, the father asked how much his daughters love him.  One of the daughters said she loves her father like fresh meat loves salt.  Her father thought she didn't love him so her father chased her/  His daughter went away from home and went to the swamp.  In the swamp, she saw a dress from head to toe.  When she wore the dress, she looked different.  After that she became a servant in the Aegant house.  In the elegant house, everybody called Cap o' Rushes because she wore cap or hat and she went to hurry to get a job.  One of the nights, the master's Cap o' Rushes got a party and Cap o' Rushes came back.  The master's son fell in love with Cap o' Rushes.  Before midnight, Cap o' Rushes scrapped out but the Master's son gave a ring.  After that party, the master's son didn't see Cap o' Rushes again until he was sick.  When he was sick, Cap o' Rushes made a porridge.  The other servant gave a porridge to the master's son.  Something different was in the porridge because Cap o' Rushes took a ring and the master's son knew who Cap o' Rushes is.  Finally, the master's son and Cap o' Rushes were married.  This story is like Cinderella but a different version.



He was born in Bagdad.  He travels to many countries by ship.  He faces many bad people, he is a hero.  In one of his journeys he faces a genie.  This genie is a good genie.  He helps Sendbad, he always in Sendbad comments.  He serves him many times.  But actually Sendbad didn't use him a lot of the time to help him.  Sendbad is a good guy, he helps poor people and the weak people.  He was never hostel or scared from anything.  He is a hero.


The Midget: a True story

There was a woman who had difficulties to be pregnant.  One day she decided to go to Saudi Arabia in order to make a wish in the Holy Yosk.  She went and began to pray, her wish was "I want, I need a little, - small child, God almighty."  One year later, she got a birth and the baby aws a midget.  Because of her mother made a wrong wish, the child was born a midget.  So, if one day you make a wish, say it in the right way.


Farmer and Cobra

A long time ago, in the field, the farmer grew rice.  He was hungry.  After that he went to his house.  When he cooked food, he saw the cobra was sick.  He helped the cobra until it was able to talk and creeped.  In the midnight the cobra creeped into the farmer's bedroom and kill him.

   Once upon a time in a small village, one twelve-year-old gold named Blancha was living with her dad.  She had lost her mother and her dad got married to another woman.  Unfortunately, her dad's second wife was really bad towards this little girl.  One day, this woman warned the little girl because she had broken down a glass and told her to pay it back.  But this poor kid hadn't money and couldn't complain about this wife's behavior to her dad.  So, she went to her mother's burial and was crying.  Suddenly, two angels came and took her and transformed her to a beautiful wealthy princess.

    This tale is still in my country.  A piece of advice for those who behave badly to the others.


A Lilial daughter Sim Chung

A long time ago, a man called "Sim, Hack Gyu" and a girl called "Sim Chung who was the man's daughter lived together.  They loved each other so much as a father and a daughter.  They were very poor. besides he was a lilial.  She always worried about her father.  One day, they met an old and ugly priest.  The priest said that if they paid a worth of 3 hundred straw bags of rice to puda, he might be able to see and live as a normal person.  Because they were very poor, they couldn't.  Sim Chung, who always wanted her father to see, decided to sell herself to pay for that.  However, if she sold herself to the merchant, she had to die by putting herself into the sea because the merchant needed a sacrifice as a gift to God.  She did it but she didn't die because the sea of King didn't want her to die.  She was sent back to the land and met a prince of the country, and they got married.  Sim Chung and her father were able to meet again, and they lived together happilly.

   -Lee, Yoon-S

Rabbit's liver

A long long time ago, one rabbit lived near the coast.  That rabbit was very smart and intelligent.  On the other hand, one sea empire is in a deep sea.  That empire's king has seeked too much, so octupus doctor say "If you don't find good medicine you will die."  According tot hat saying, every sea person wanted to find that medicine.  One of the most famous doctors in the pacific ocean said "You have to eat rabbit's liver.  Only that is your living way."  So King and every sea person went to find a rabbit, but rabbit do not live in the sea.  Every sea person was in agony.  Squid talk to King, "Rabbit usually live in the ground."  But, who go to the ground?  If they get out of the water, they must be dead.  So they are worried about that.  At that situation, turtle say "I can live on the ground.  Can I go to the ground for you, King?"  King and every sea person are pleased for that saying.  So, turtle go to the ground.  But, the turtle didn't know about the rabbit's living place.  Therefore, turtle can't find rabbit and is badly living on the ground.  In the long run the turtle found the rabbit.  The rabbit was shining under the sun.  So the turtle talked to the rabbit: if you go with me into the sea empire you get everything.  But the rabbit didn't go.  Because rabbit can't live in the water.  So, the king can't eat the rabbit's liver.  As a result, the king died.