Thursday, September 20, 2012

The White-Snake Legend

In ancient times, there were a white-snake and green-snake.  They lived many thousands of years.  They had much power to change things that they wanted to.  One day, they changed into a women's bodies from snakes.  Many animals that could change into person's bodies were bad.  They could kill people to gain their food and absorb the important air from humans' bodies.  The white-snake and green-snake, which were different from the other animals, were good.  The white-snake was a maid lady.  The green-snake was a servant to the white-snake.  Both were beautiful and looked young.  The white-snake was more beautiful than the green-snake.
   One day, in a village, a young man , who looked handsome and merciful, was poor but had faith and studied hard.  The white-snake and green-snake met the man.  The man and the white-snake fell deeply in love.  Day by day their love got deeper and they got married.
   They had a long and sweet period of time after they were married.  Unfortunately, a man who had power to beat bad animals that could change into human bodies passed through the village which they lived in.  He discovered a strange glow coming from the home where they lived.  He knocked on the door of their home.  The white-snake's husband opened the door, and they had conversation.  The husband didn
t know his wife was white.  The man who had power was determined to beat them down, because he thought the white-snake and green-snake were harmful to people.  The white-snake's power frightened the white-snake and green-snake and the man won.  In other words, the couple who loved each other were forced to seperate by the man.
   It is a great love story, but my English expression is poor. Please use your imagination.

Get the Power Together

A long time ago, there was an old man who had three sons.  But the sons were not nice to each other.
  One day the old man was sick.  He knew that he had no more time to live in this world.  He also knew that he could not leave the problem alone.   After dinner, the old man had his sons come into his room.  Then, he gave one chopstick to each one, and had each son break each chopstick into two.  It was easy to make on chopstick into two.  Next, he gave them each two chopsticks.  It was still easy to break them.  The third time, he gave a bundle of chopsticks to each one.  It was hard for the sons to break them.
   The old man died in a few days.  After a week, a typhoon destroyed their house.  They had to build a new house together.  finally they realized what their father had meant- get the power together.

The Foolish Man Who Moved the Mountain

Once upon a time, an old man lived in a village.  In front of the village was a mountain.  If he wanted to go to another village or downtown, he had to cross the mountain.  The transportation was very difficult.  So, he decided to move the mountain so that the village people wouldn't have that problem.
   In that village there was another old man.  Everyone called him "Wise Man."  When they heard about this, he laughed at the man who wanted to move the mountain.  And the wise man called him "Foolish Man."  But he said, "Every day, I will destroy the mountain, and move the ground to a convenient place.  One day, I will succeed.  If I can't finish the job, I want my son, my grandson, and my family to help me.  The work won't end until I finish."  Now, everybody laughed at him.  But he didn't feel sad.
   Finally, he finished to job.  Everybody enjoyed the convenience and admired him.  On the other hand, they laughed at the "wise man."
   The story tells us, "Where there is a will, there is a way."  Never mind if you fail, if you can work hard, one day, you will get what you want.

A Beautiful Kind of Monkey

A long time ago, there was a monkey which was born in a stone.  It could live in the world forever because it could eat food from heaven.
  It had many supernatural powers from God.  For example, it could jump a thousand kilometers at a time if it wanted to do something in a hurry.  It had seventy two ways to attack its enemies.
  It also had a strong body.  It was not afraid of any poisons or fire or water.  It could go up to heaven and down underground.  It was a wonderful monkey.
   It was a very important animal in Chinese mythical stories, because it could do many things which people can not do.

Ali baba and the Forty Thieves

A long time ago there was a guy whose name was Ali Baba, and he was very strong and smart.  One night Ali Baba went to hunt in the jungle.  While he was hunting, he saw forty men who were carrying a lot of things on their horses.  Ali Baba followed those men, and they went to a very big mountain, and one of the men shouted and said, "Open Sesame!"  Immediately, when he said those words, a large door from the stone opened and all the men went inside, and after that the door closed.  The next day Ali Baba went to the jungle early, and said to the big stone, "Open Sesame,"  and the door opened.  He went inside the big hole in the mountain, and saw many piles of gold and money that had been stolen from the city where ali Baba lived.  When he went to get out from the hole in the mountain, he forgot the words that made the door open, and stayed there until the forty thieves came.  When they came inside he was hiding in the corner, and stayed the hwole night.  In the morning he remembered the words and went home.
   One day the thieves decided to rob the Ameer (prince) of the city.  The way they would do it was to put 39 of them in a big cup, while another one would go to t he Ameer and kill him.  Ali found out about htis so he went to the palace and told one of the women who worked in the palace and when the thieves came, the woman brought hot honey and threw it over the thieves, so all 39 died, and went to the other thief and killed him.  so when the Ameer learned that Ali Baba had saved his life, he gave him a very big reward.

A long time ago, there was an old man.  He had three sons but his sons were very lazy.  He loved his sons very much and he was very worried about their lives after he died.  One day, he laid down on the bed and called his sons to come to the front of the bed.  He told them that he would die and that he had buried a lot of gold on the farm.  His sons heard aobut this and were very happy, so they went to the farm directly to dig.  They did their best to dig deeply and find the gold.
   After they finished digging as deep as they could on all the farm, they still didn't find any gold.  They were very angry about what the father had said, and tried to discuss it with the father, but hte father had died.  At that moment, they were ready to give up doing anything more, but the older brother said to his two younger brothers, "Althoug hwe couldn't find any gold underground, why don't we put some seeds in the ground.  When the seeds grow up, their roots will grow and the old will be webbed by the roots,"
   They all agreed with the brother's idea, and they were more careful about the plants, because they wanted plants which would have long and strong roots which could hold or web the gold.  Until autumn, they couldn't find any gold, but they did have lots of oranges.  They finally knew what their father had said about gold; therefore, the old man's sons became very hard.


Hachitarou was one lazy farmer.  He never worked very much.  One day he was sleeping underneath a tree.  A bee came from somewhere and went into Hachitarou's nostril.  At that time, he had a dream.  Chosan's daughter was terribly ill.  He had already tried many ways to heal her, but he hadn't done it yet.  The cause was a young tree.  This tree was trying to grow, but it couldn't grow, because of the house.  The tree was growing under the house, and this was the cause of her illness.
   When the bee came out from Hachitarou's nose, the dream ended.  The next day Hachitarou went to Chosen's house.  Truly, the family was in trouble, and the young tree was there.  Hachitarou told Chosan, "If I make her well, would you give me your daugher?"  Chosan said "Yes."  Hachitarou opened the floor and dug up the young tree, and moved it outside.  After this, Chosan's daughter got well and Chosan became happy.  And Hachitarou married his daughter.  Everybody got happiness, and this story is going to end here.

The Cock-Star

A long time ago, in the country, there was a poor farmer who had a son.  At that time, they couldn't grow rice or anything, because they hadn't had rain for a long time.  They had a hen and her chicks.  She loved her chicks with all her heart although it was very hard to find some food to feed them.
   One day, the farmer's son told the farmer, "We're going to die, I want some food.  Let me kill the hen."  And he caught the hen to kill.  Before the hen died, she talked to her chicks, and she had a lot of tears.  She told them that the farmer had fed her when she was young and built the home for her.  Now the land was not abundant, and she should do something for him and his family.  She was pleased to die for him.  She was killed and put in the boiled water.  Her chicks were very sad, and they agreed to jump into the boiled water and they died.
   When the farmer saw that, he was very sad.  "I should not killed my only hen."  That night, while he thought about the hen and her sons, he saw something in the sky.  He saw the appe4arance of new stars.  He was very surprised because they looked like his hen and her sons.  From that day until now, you can see the group of stars that look like a chicken.  You should know that the stars are the spirits of the hen and her sons.  The stars are landmarks for the love of the little cocks for their mother.


Once upon a time there was an old man whose name was Saud.  He had three children, two boys and one girl.
   The old man became very sick and he thought that he would die any time, so he wanted to speak to his daughter and the two boys.  So he asked them to come to his room and he brought each of them a thin stick and he asked them to break it.  So they did what he said, and then he brought three sticks together and asked the first boy to break them.  He tried very hard but he couldn't, and neither could the others.  After that he asked them, "Did you understand why I asked you to break the sticks?," and they answered, "No."
   After that, he said, "At first I asked you to break one stick, and you did.  Then I asked you to break the three sticks, but you couldn't, and that's because the sticks become stronger when they are in a group.  So do you.  If anybody wants to kill one of you, and you are alone, they will.  But if you are in a group, they won't kill any of you, because you become stronger.  I want you to always be together."

Rabbit and Tortoise

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit that could run fast and a tortoise that couldn't run fast.
   One day, while the tortoise was walking along very slowly, the rabbit came up to him and asked him, "Why are you so slow?" and "Can you run very fast?"  The tortoise answered, "Of course, I can run faster than you."  Then, the rabbit thought, "He must be a liar, he can't run faster than me," so he asked the tortoise to race with him.  The tortoise said "Yes."
   The next day, the rabbit was waiting for the tortoise under a big tree.  He was coming very slowly.  Both of them made a rule; they had to start to race from the line near the big tree to the hill over there.
   Finally, the rabbit said, "Ready, go!"  He ran as fast as he could.  However, the tortoise started to walk after him.
   When the rabbit noticed that the the tortoise was still walking near the start line, he had already finished halfway.  The rabbit felt so funny and safe.  So he decided to take a nap and rest.
   On the other hand, the tortoise was still walking 3/4 of the way when the rabbit woke up.  Two hours ahd already passed.  However, the rabbit thought that maybe only a half an hour had passed.
   Then he started to run fast again.  When he  saw the flag on the hill, the tortoise had already arrived and had been sleeping near the flag.
   After that, the rabbit never teased the tortoise.

Parasol Guardian (Kasa Jizo)

Long long ago, there was an old couple on the outside of the village.  They were not rich but they  both had good warm hearts.
   Today was the end of the last day in December.  He had to earn some money to prepare the New Year's celebration.  They had made some straw parasols the previous night.  So he went to sell them in the village early in the morning, while he wife cleaned their old home.
   Since he'd got to the village, he tried to sell the parasols.  The atmosphere in the village was very active and noisy; the people who were there were moving busily.  He made an effort to sell them, but he couldn't sell anything in the end.
   It was getting dark when he gave up selling them.  He felt very sad, because he knew his wife was waiting for him and something.  He thought about the next day (New Year's day) for a while, and he started to walk to his house.  It began to snow at that time.
   While returning, he found six guardians standing.  All their heads were covered with snow.  He thought they looked very cold.  So he stopped to wipe the snow off their heads, and he covered their heads with his parasols.  But he had only five parasols, lacking one.  He thought and he gave his own parasol to the guardians.  He felt very happy and he hurried to walk home.
   When he got to his house, he talked about that story to his wife.  She didn't get angry; she felt happy, too.
   The next morning, they found much gold and food outside of their house.  The six guardians had give it to them, because they were thankful for the old man's kindness.  So this old couple spent a good New Year.

Momotaro (Taro who comes from a peach)

A long long time ago, there were an old man and old woman who lived in the mountains.  They always went with one another.  The old man went to get a bunch of branches every day, and the old woman went to wash their clothes in the river.  While she was washing them, something came to her in the river.  It was a huge peach.  Although she was surprised at it, she took it home in a hurry.  Then, she told her husband about it.  They decided to cut it eventually, but as it was so hard, they couldn't cut it.  They tried to cut it again.  The huge peach was cut at last.  They were really surprised at it because a small boy came out of the broken peach.  He was really cute and small.  They decided to bring him up.  They didn't have any children.  As he ate a lot, he grew well.  After three months, he was taller than both the old man and the old woman.  The boy, whose name was Momotaro, heard from them about a devil.  The devil sometimes appeared at their town, and he killed people.  After a year, Momotaro was already an adult.  He was strong enough to fight with the devil.
   Then, he began his struggle to kill the devil.  He had much Kibidango, which is made from egg, to get power.  On the way to go to kill the devil, he got friends, a big bird, a big dog, and a big monkey.  They went to kill the devil while singing.  They found the devil but he was really strong.  At that time, Momotaro ate some more Kibidango, and got really strong power.  His friends, the bird, dog, and monkey, cooperated with im, and they killed the devil at last.
  He went back home.  The old man and woman were waiting for him.  They were really glad to see him again.  Then they lived together forever, happily and peacefully.

Princess of Bamboo

Long long ago, an old couple who didn't have any children lived near a woods of bamboo.  The old man would go to the woods to cut down some bamboo to live.
   One day, he went into the woods as usual.  Then he saw a shining bamboo.  He was very surprised and got close to it.  After a while, he cut the middle of that bamboo.  Then he saw a very small pretty baby, who was only the size of his hand, in that bamboo.  He took her to his house immediately and showed that baby girl to the old lady.  They decided to bring her up. 
   The girl grew very fast and became very beautiful, like the moon.  The boys who heard rumors about her wanted to get married to her but she didn't want to get married to anybody.  One day, the king of this country proposed to her but she didn't want to.  The old couple asked her why she didn't want to get married.  At first, she didn't want to talk about that.  Finally she said that she was not a human, she was a person from the moon, and she had to go back to the moon in a few days.
   On the day that she had to go back to the moon, the king of this country surrounded her and her house with many people.  But it didn't work because some people from the moon were shining very brightly, so they couldn't open their eyes.  Then, she went back to the moon with her court.

Tsang-Yeo Run Moon

I want to write a Chinese ancient magic story.  This story is not true, but it is a mystical story.
   A long time ago, a girl was very beautiful but her family was very poor.  Her name was Tsang-Yeo.  At the age of sixteen, she married an emperor.  At first, she and this emperor had a sweet life.  After several years, they became gradually older, but he didn't want to die.  He wanted to live forever.  His wife knew where the girl who had the medicine of long life was.  She stole the medicine from the maker of medicine.  Then, she gave the medicine to her husband, but her husband didn't believe her and asked her to try the medicine first.
   When the girl took the medicine, her body became light and flew.  And then, she flew up into the moon.  After that time, she lived in the moon forever.  Her husband couldn't fly into the moon, because there was only one dose of medicine.
   The ancient Chinese people believed this magic story.  When scientists found the moon and flew to the moon, people realized that the moon didn't have a woman whose name was Tsang-Yeo.  The events of science broke this magic story.


Once upon a time, a boy lived in a small town.  His name was Nobita.  He was very weak, so he was always teased by bullies.
   One day, when he got up in the morning, his drawer opened suddenly and he said, "I'm Draemon.  I intend to help you life because my master is your grandchild; he is always talking to you.  Nobita couldn't believe it.  But a few days later they became friends and his life was happy and successful.  It continued for a long time.
   "Hey dad, look at Nobita.  He smiled!"  said Nobita's mother in the hospital.  Nobita was very sick.  He hadn't moved in his life.  But this story was Nobita's dream!

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Tale in Japan

Once upon a time, a couple of elderly lived in a village.  One day the husband went to a mountain to get some woods and wife went to a river to wash their clothes.  The wife found a big peach which went down from up.  She brought it to their house and showed it to her husband.  They tried to cut the peach and then a little boy appeared from the peach.  The couple were so surprised.  They who did not have any kids bring up the boy.  11 years later, many demons appeared in the village and they killed many people in the village.  The couple thought they might be killed y the demons, so they made their kid to wipe out the demons.  The boy who had a strong sense of justice granted the request.  He tries to find some helpers and a dog, a monkey, and a bird became helpers with him.  They went to castle of the demons and finally they defeated the king of demon.  People in the village got happy.

   -Taku Kato


Once upon a time, a young man had lived in a small country.  He has a good heart, and worked very hard, but he is very poor so that he can't marry any women.  Someday, he caught the wurung (small shell) for dinner from a stream, and he brought it home.  After that he just fell asleep.  When he got up, he was so surprised because a beautiful woman making dinner in the kitched, so he asked why are you here, and what are you doing here?  She replied that I'm your girl now.  But you have to promise me one thing, that is do not watch when I am taking a bath, and we can't sleep together until 60 days from now on.  He couldn't understand that but he gladly accepted that.  They are so happy for a while.  One night, before 1 day left from 60 days, she was taking a bath but he couldn't keep the promise because he wanted to know what she was doing in there every night.  He couldn't believe what he saw it because she is not human but a wurung.  At the same time she died because he didn't keep the promise so he lost his wife and everything.
   This story tells us how promise is important in our life.

   -J.B. Park

A monkey in the Heaven

Long long time ago, there was a naughty monkey in China.  He was assigned as a guard to protect a peach tree.  That is a magical tree.  The peach on the tree has an unknown power.  The monkey even didn't know this.  The master always told the monkey, "What the peach and don't steal it."  Everybody liked to ask the monkey what is the secret of that peach tree.  The monkey gradually thought that the peach should have mysterious power which can make him become stronger.  One day, when the moon was dark and the wind was strong, he can't bear his curiosity, so , he stole a peach and ate it.  Suddenly, his body raised to the heaven over the cloud.  He became a God in the heaven.

   Wei-Kang Tu

The Story of Crane

Long long ago, there is a poor and old married couple in country.  Also, they were very kindness persons.  The grand father was a hunter.  He was looking for animal; however he could not find an animal.  When the grandfather went home without an animal, he found one crane which was injured on its foot.  He thought that it was a very good catch.  However, he stopped to catch the crane and he cured the crane's foot.  And then he went home and talked about the matter to the grandmother.  She said that he did a good thing.  There was no food; however their feeling was very good.
   A few days later, one beautiful lady visited to their home and she said that she wanted to live in their house.  The grandfather and mother were surprised; however they became happy.  And then the lady said to please not come to my room.  The grandfather and mother thought about mysterious; however they were very happy because they could get a daughter who said that she would work for them.

    Since the daughter had come into their home, she brought the very beautiful and expensive silk fabrics every day.  The grandfather stopped hunting and started to sell the fabrics to the market.  They because rich and they are very happy.
   However, the grandfather and mother started thinking what their daughter was doing on midnight every day, because they had heard the sound of something from the daugher's room.
   The grandfather and mother wanted to know what their daughter was doing on midnight.  Finally they decided to peek into the daughter's room.  They peeked into the daughter's room.... There is one crane which was the crane the grandfather cured.  They were surprised about that.  What was worse, the daughter noticed that they peeked on her.  The daughter said that she could not live there anymore because she was founded what she was.  The daughter said she was the crane which was cured from the grandfather, and she very much appreciated his action.  She wanted to do them something as a token of gratitude.
   Finally, she left from their home.  The grandfather and mother could live as rich because she left many fabrics and they lived happily.  The crane flew to a far place..

The king of the jungle

Once upon a time in the jungle there was a big, strong, bad lion, ruling the jungle and getting whatever he wants and if anyone says no the lion will hurt them.  Therefore all the animals in the jungle are afraid of him, even the animals which are bigger than him like; elephants.  One day the lion was walking in his jungle and looking for someone to beat, while the lion was walking, he felt in to the hunters trap, a big heavy net felt on him, the lion was struggling to get out of the net but he couldn't, the lion asked for help but the animals refused to help him because he is bad and if they cut him loose he will continue harming them.  All the animals left the lion in the trap, and the great big lion was carrying.  In the mean while, a small weak rat heard the lion, when the rat arrived there, he saw the king of the jungle carrying and he said: look at the king of the jungle who gets whatever he wants can't get out from a trap.  The lion asked for the rat's help but the rat refused to help him and he told him that he is evil and he deserves that, the lion said that he will change, he will be a good animal then the rat with his sharp teeth started biting the net until the lion was free.  Then the rat said to the lion:   I did my part, now do yours.  Then the lion did what he told the rat, he became a good lion, he helps the small animals and the big ones and never harmed any animal, so the lion and the rest of the animals live happy ever after.

The Young Man and the Girl

There was a young man who used to live with his father rearing their sheep in the desert.  Years later his father died and all that he left for him was 200 pieces of silver coins besides the sheep.  He was wondering what to do with the money and kept thinking for a while.  One day he went to the market area where people sell and buy sheep and other goods.  He heard an old man shouting "who is going to buy these pieces of advice?"  The young man stood there perplexed.  Can advice be sold?  He headed to the old man and asked "are you sure you are selling pieces of advice?"  The man answered "yes. would you like to try some?  He thought for a moment and then said to himself "why don't I see what these pieces of advice that can be sold are?  The young man paid all his money and bought two pieces of advice.  After the young man paid the money the old man released the two pieces of advice to him.  The first one was "everyone has his own way of choice," and the second one was "whenever you are offered a good favor, do not reject it."  The young man thought for a moment, "do these deserve the two hundred?"
   After a couple of years the young man, having no money, decided to work with an ameer of a nearby tribe.  The ameer had a very beautiful girl.  Her father wanted to send her with some women to buy certain goods and supplies for the tribe.  He found nobody as honest and kind as the young man to escort and take care of his daughter and the other women.  They set out their journey and walked for a couple of days on their camels.  The girl was keeping her eye on the young man.  She was impressed by the young man's kindness and charm.  She started to talk to him gently but paid no attention.  One night as their were sleeping, she tried to make a sexual relationship but he refused since she was not his wife and the ameer was kind and generous to him and he can not deceive him.  The girl was very angry at the young man but she did not express this feeling.  She decided to get rid of him since he might tell her father then she would be punished.  On their way back she asked him to bring them water from a certain well that she knew.  He said that the well was abandoned for years and nobody got their supply of water from it anymore.  He knew that anybody who ever got into that well never came out.  But she insisted.  Finally he went down through a rope.  As his feet touched the ground, he was shocked to see a huge bald man with sword in his hand and two girls.  One of them was white and the other was black.  Immediately the huge man asked pointing his sword at the young man "You tell me which is more beautiful this girl or the other or I will kill you?"  The young man was horrified and thought for a second then remembered the two pieces of advice that he bought years back.  So he replied "everyone has his own way of choice."  The huge man looked at him in amazement.  Then said you deserve to have water.  After that the young man went out of the well.  The girl was shocked when the young man went out.  She was sure he would never go out.  At that moment she did not show him that she wanted to get rid of him.  Then they continued their journey.  When they approached the area where the tribe lived, the girl wrote a letter and told the young man to hurry up to her father and give him the letter and she ans her other escorts will follow.  The young man took the letter and hurried toward the ameer.  As he approached the tents of the tribe, a man who was keeping his eye on the young man called for him and invited him to have some coffee.  The young thought for moments: "shall I go this man and take a cup of coffee but the letter has to be delivered as soon as possible."  Then he remembered the pieces of advice he bought earlier from the old man:  "Whenever you are offered a good favor, do not reject it."  He went to the man's tent and sat.  The man gave him a cup of coffee and asked him about the letter.  The young man told him that it was from the ameer's girl to her father and it was urgent.  The host thought for moments and then said: ok then just stay here, have your coffee and I'll take the letter to the ameer since it's urgent and I'll be back."  The young man's second piece of advice was still in his mind "whenever you are offered a good favor, do not reject it."  He agreed and gave the letter to the man who hurried to the tent of the ameer happily hoping that the ameer would reward him.  As he got there the ameer opened the letter and read it then ordered that this man be killed right away.  That was what the girl had written in the letter in order to get rid of the young man.  After waiting for sometime, the young went to the ameer's tent.  He was shocked when he saw the man dead.  The ameer welcomed him and asked him about his daughter.  The young man did not know what to say then he told the ameer that the girl gave him that letter.  The ameer understood that there was something wrong and asked the young man what went wrong.  The young man told the ameer the whole story.  When the girl came she could not believe her eyes that the young man was still alive.  She cried and cried and offered her apologies to her father and to the young man.  Her father agreed to accept her apology but on the condition that she accepts the young man as her husband.  The ameer thanked the young man so much and decided to reward him for his honesty and kindness and declared that his daughter will be the young man's wife.  The young man was very happy and realized that pieces of advice can sometimes be as precious as life.

   -Awad Al Mohy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

About watching football game with classmate

I often play with Toshi, Honda, and the others.  We drink beer and whiskey together.  We usually drink until morning two days a week.  EVerybody likes to drink them.  A few days ago, we went to Kansas City to watch football games.  Recently, I learned the rules of football.  The game was a hand-to-hand fight, so we were excited by the game.  After all our cheering team was defeated, so we were disappointed.  We went to a Japanese restaurant to eat SUSHI.  It tasted good!
   I hope that I go to many interesting places with classmates again.
   -Akimasa Yamakawa

Write a story that will entertain your classmates

So I'm writing about me.  So about 4 months ago, I lived in Hawaii.  One Sunday, I went to Waikiki Beach.  This day was just Japan's golden week, so many kinds of tourists came to Hawaii.  Of course many beautiful girls came to the beach.  Then I thought I would try girl hunting.  I was looking for a nice girl.  Then I found a girl.  I thought that maybe she was single.  After a few minutes I said "Hello!  How's it goin'?  How's Hawaii?"  and she said, "Hi!. . . Are you Japanese?. . .,"  then I thought, "Lucky".  So.  I talked about Hawaii and something with her. I had a good time.  I invited her to go to a disco or movie.  Then one guy came to our seat.  Oh my god!!!  When she said, "This is my husband.  This trip is a honey-moon," so I was too much surprised.  An instant I couldn't move or talk.  After a few minutes, I changed the subject.  So.  In Waikiki they have a nice Japanese restaurant.  Later I ran away.  Now, I thought that girl is a devil.

    -Tadao Hayashiguchi (Honda)


This class, level 4, consists of Japanese, Chinese, Bangla and two guys from oil country.  All of them are young and active.
    Since class started, one month has passed.  Mostly I enjoy this class.
   There are three girls in this class.  They are cute, pretty, and foxy.  Nowadays it's one of my pleasures to see them.  If they were not here, I'd commit suicide.
   Actually, the Japanese young generation seems to be more active than the others.  After class, they are very busy studying playing, and watching young girls in the pool.  They are also very good athletes.  Usually, they play soccer, tennis, exercise and so on.  Thanks to playing so hard, some guy sleeps soundly during the class, dreaming of young girls.  It's just a kind of certificate of youth.  Now my advice to him.  His broken leg hasn't recovered completely.  So, next time when he plays soccer, he should kick the ball on his face.  If he has a broken face, I'll be the doctor for him.  How's that sound, Honda!?
   There are some memories in my brain which I'll never forget.  Probably, everybdoy still remembers such a wonderful sentence.  "My name is you.  My phone number is 123-4567."  I'm really proud of having performed with him.  He will be a popular actor in this future.  I'll get his signature from him on my T-shirt before he becomes the actor.  After he becomes famous. I'll work with him as his manager.  How's that sound, Toshi!?
   Anyway, there are other interesting characters in this class.  I'll never be bored in this class, and I'm looking forward to what will happen next time.


My story

When I was a little child I liked to play soccer and volleyball, but I liked to play soccer more than volleyball, and I also liked to play defense.
   One day when I was playing soccer something very funny happened.  The goalkeeper and my business was to defense.  I mean, it was to try to get the ball off and take it from the other player.
   When I tried to get it and shoot it very far, my foot hit my friend's foot and broke it.  He fell down and put his foot between his hands and cried.  I was afraid of his parents and mine too, because I thought maybe they would hit me.
   I felt very sorry for him.  I never forgot this story because the player was my best friend and it also was the first time it happened like this in my life.

   -Sami Tannous

My funny friends

I have a friend who is so funny.  He is a student at church.  So he must always behave himself.  This means always being a good boy. 
   But he has a problem about his language.  For example, when he made some mistake, he said, "Oh, XXX!"  This word is too dirty to write on this paper.
   One day, the church father made a suggestion about his language.  The Father said, "Don't use that kind of word.  Behave yourself."
   But the next day, my friend used that word again, "Oh XXX!"  The church father heard that.  The father said, "Next time if you use that, God will get angry, then flash lightning down on you."  My friend was very scared.  He tried not to use that word.
   But at last he used that dirty word, then a flash of lighting attacked him.  He was about to die.  He said, "Oh XXX!"  Then he died.

   -Nobuyori Oshima


The first meeting with Kumiko, it was May, 31, 1988 in Los Angeles.  I came together with Izumi and Aki.  Because we had the same destination, we moved together.
   In summer semester, we were not in the same class, but we often played together.  Kumiko wasn't timid.  She was a positive girl.  She played tennis three or four times per week.  She is taking good care of herself, but she often catches a cold.
   She comes to my room every day, because I have a single room.  When she was watching TV in my room, she was talking alone.  The program was volleyball of the Olympics.  She can devote herself to anything.  I think it is a good thing.

   -Chisato Y.

My Classmate

I met Chisato for the first time at the Los Angeles airport.  She and I were on the same airplane from Tokyo to Los Angeles.  I didn't know that I would go to the same university with her.  And we stayed at the same hotel one night.  We were surprised then.  Also she took the I.E.P. class.  Since then, she and I have made friends.
   She is usually sleepy.  When she is sleeping her face seems comfortable.  Now, her life is filled up because she moved into a single room.  So her last roommate was no good.  She had lots of trouble.  Now she is happy and I am too.



We had decided to take a trip by long distance bus from Pittsburg to San Francisco for twelve days in winter vacation.
   First we arrived in Colorado, then we stayed in a hotel which is in the middle of a mountain of the Rocky Mountains.  It had a ski area, so everybody tried skiing, making a snowman and throwing snowballs.
   We visited Great Salt Lake.  Its appearance was like a sea.  Somebody was walking around it with a girl.  Somebody shouted, "That guy is an Angel," so he put his back to the evening sun, and was walking with the girl.  This view seemed like the scene of a movie.  I thought he was probably a romanticist.
   We passed Nevada, at least we arrived at the destination, San Francisco.  He had free time and were active individually.
   We were so tired that we slept in the bus during the trip back.
   -Mitsugu Kinjo


Once upon a time two brothers lived.  The older brother's name is Nol-bu, and younger brother's name is Heung-bu.  Nol-bu was very rich and Heung-bu was very poor and had a lot of children.  They were almost ten.  Nol-bu was greedy.  He didn't give any food or money to other people even his brother.  On the other hand, Heung-bu was very nice.  He even gave away his own food or own clothes to other people, even if he had nothing.  One day Heung-bu cured a swallow's leg.  It was broken.  The swallow gave a seed to him for his kindness.  He planted a seed and next year he harvested its nut.  When it was broken, there was many treasure in there and Heung-bu became rich.  Nol-bu heard the fact.  He broke a swallow's leg by himself and next year he also harvested its nut.  When he broke the nut, there were a lot of evil in there.  The evil took all his property, and he became poor.
  After all a good Heung-bu became rich and a bad Nol-bu became poor.

   -Kim Chang Geuai


A long time ago, there was a very generous man.  He used to give people anything they asked him.  He never said No!  Every time somebody came to his house he slaughtered one of his sheep and served it for lunch or dinner.  Also, he used to own a very nice looking horse that nobody had like it.  One day some one came to his house, however, he didn't have any sheep to serve.  So he slaughtered their horse and served it to him.  After a while the guest asked him to give him that horse because he heard about it.  Then he said, "Sory if you asked me to give it to you before the meal, I would have given it to you."  That was Hatim Al-Taier, the most generous person I have ever heard of.
Thank you.


Long long time ago, a person who was very old

A long long time ago, a person who was very old had a lot of sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters.  Every time he wanted to go to the market it was very inconvenient, because there was two mountains in front of their house.  Then, he decided to move the mountains.  When his neighbors listened about this everybody laughed at him.  But this family supported him very much, they worked together, everybody to move the mountains.  Finally, his neighbors went to help him, everyone worked together.  One night, these two mountains discussed together, they were both afraid that they would be moved, so they ran away in the night.  The next day, when every one saw the mountains had gone, they were very happy.  And, they had a convenient life to go to the market.  This story tells us that "Where there is a will, there is a way"

   -Wang, Chien-chih