Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tsang-Yeo Run Moon

I want to write a Chinese ancient magic story.  This story is not true, but it is a mystical story.
   A long time ago, a girl was very beautiful but her family was very poor.  Her name was Tsang-Yeo.  At the age of sixteen, she married an emperor.  At first, she and this emperor had a sweet life.  After several years, they became gradually older, but he didn't want to die.  He wanted to live forever.  His wife knew where the girl who had the medicine of long life was.  She stole the medicine from the maker of medicine.  Then, she gave the medicine to her husband, but her husband didn't believe her and asked her to try the medicine first.
   When the girl took the medicine, her body became light and flew.  And then, she flew up into the moon.  After that time, she lived in the moon forever.  Her husband couldn't fly into the moon, because there was only one dose of medicine.
   The ancient Chinese people believed this magic story.  When scientists found the moon and flew to the moon, people realized that the moon didn't have a woman whose name was Tsang-Yeo.  The events of science broke this magic story.

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