Thursday, September 20, 2012

Princess of Bamboo

Long long ago, an old couple who didn't have any children lived near a woods of bamboo.  The old man would go to the woods to cut down some bamboo to live.
   One day, he went into the woods as usual.  Then he saw a shining bamboo.  He was very surprised and got close to it.  After a while, he cut the middle of that bamboo.  Then he saw a very small pretty baby, who was only the size of his hand, in that bamboo.  He took her to his house immediately and showed that baby girl to the old lady.  They decided to bring her up. 
   The girl grew very fast and became very beautiful, like the moon.  The boys who heard rumors about her wanted to get married to her but she didn't want to get married to anybody.  One day, the king of this country proposed to her but she didn't want to.  The old couple asked her why she didn't want to get married.  At first, she didn't want to talk about that.  Finally she said that she was not a human, she was a person from the moon, and she had to go back to the moon in a few days.
   On the day that she had to go back to the moon, the king of this country surrounded her and her house with many people.  But it didn't work because some people from the moon were shining very brightly, so they couldn't open their eyes.  Then, she went back to the moon with her court.

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