Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hachitarou was one lazy farmer.  He never worked very much.  One day he was sleeping underneath a tree.  A bee came from somewhere and went into Hachitarou's nostril.  At that time, he had a dream.  Chosan's daughter was terribly ill.  He had already tried many ways to heal her, but he hadn't done it yet.  The cause was a young tree.  This tree was trying to grow, but it couldn't grow, because of the house.  The tree was growing under the house, and this was the cause of her illness.
   When the bee came out from Hachitarou's nose, the dream ended.  The next day Hachitarou went to Chosen's house.  Truly, the family was in trouble, and the young tree was there.  Hachitarou told Chosan, "If I make her well, would you give me your daugher?"  Chosan said "Yes."  Hachitarou opened the floor and dug up the young tree, and moved it outside.  After this, Chosan's daughter got well and Chosan became happy.  And Hachitarou married his daughter.  Everybody got happiness, and this story is going to end here.

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