Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rabbit and Tortoise

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit that could run fast and a tortoise that couldn't run fast.
   One day, while the tortoise was walking along very slowly, the rabbit came up to him and asked him, "Why are you so slow?" and "Can you run very fast?"  The tortoise answered, "Of course, I can run faster than you."  Then, the rabbit thought, "He must be a liar, he can't run faster than me," so he asked the tortoise to race with him.  The tortoise said "Yes."
   The next day, the rabbit was waiting for the tortoise under a big tree.  He was coming very slowly.  Both of them made a rule; they had to start to race from the line near the big tree to the hill over there.
   Finally, the rabbit said, "Ready, go!"  He ran as fast as he could.  However, the tortoise started to walk after him.
   When the rabbit noticed that the the tortoise was still walking near the start line, he had already finished halfway.  The rabbit felt so funny and safe.  So he decided to take a nap and rest.
   On the other hand, the tortoise was still walking 3/4 of the way when the rabbit woke up.  Two hours ahd already passed.  However, the rabbit thought that maybe only a half an hour had passed.
   Then he started to run fast again.  When he  saw the flag on the hill, the tortoise had already arrived and had been sleeping near the flag.
   After that, the rabbit never teased the tortoise.

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