Friday, September 7, 2012

The Story of Crane

Long long ago, there is a poor and old married couple in country.  Also, they were very kindness persons.  The grand father was a hunter.  He was looking for animal; however he could not find an animal.  When the grandfather went home without an animal, he found one crane which was injured on its foot.  He thought that it was a very good catch.  However, he stopped to catch the crane and he cured the crane's foot.  And then he went home and talked about the matter to the grandmother.  She said that he did a good thing.  There was no food; however their feeling was very good.
   A few days later, one beautiful lady visited to their home and she said that she wanted to live in their house.  The grandfather and mother were surprised; however they became happy.  And then the lady said to please not come to my room.  The grandfather and mother thought about mysterious; however they were very happy because they could get a daughter who said that she would work for them.

    Since the daughter had come into their home, she brought the very beautiful and expensive silk fabrics every day.  The grandfather stopped hunting and started to sell the fabrics to the market.  They because rich and they are very happy.
   However, the grandfather and mother started thinking what their daughter was doing on midnight every day, because they had heard the sound of something from the daugher's room.
   The grandfather and mother wanted to know what their daughter was doing on midnight.  Finally they decided to peek into the daughter's room.  They peeked into the daughter's room.... There is one crane which was the crane the grandfather cured.  They were surprised about that.  What was worse, the daughter noticed that they peeked on her.  The daughter said that she could not live there anymore because she was founded what she was.  The daughter said she was the crane which was cured from the grandfather, and she very much appreciated his action.  She wanted to do them something as a token of gratitude.
   Finally, she left from their home.  The grandfather and mother could live as rich because she left many fabrics and they lived happily.  The crane flew to a far place..

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