Thursday, September 20, 2012

Momotaro (Taro who comes from a peach)

A long long time ago, there were an old man and old woman who lived in the mountains.  They always went with one another.  The old man went to get a bunch of branches every day, and the old woman went to wash their clothes in the river.  While she was washing them, something came to her in the river.  It was a huge peach.  Although she was surprised at it, she took it home in a hurry.  Then, she told her husband about it.  They decided to cut it eventually, but as it was so hard, they couldn't cut it.  They tried to cut it again.  The huge peach was cut at last.  They were really surprised at it because a small boy came out of the broken peach.  He was really cute and small.  They decided to bring him up.  They didn't have any children.  As he ate a lot, he grew well.  After three months, he was taller than both the old man and the old woman.  The boy, whose name was Momotaro, heard from them about a devil.  The devil sometimes appeared at their town, and he killed people.  After a year, Momotaro was already an adult.  He was strong enough to fight with the devil.
   Then, he began his struggle to kill the devil.  He had much Kibidango, which is made from egg, to get power.  On the way to go to kill the devil, he got friends, a big bird, a big dog, and a big monkey.  They went to kill the devil while singing.  They found the devil but he was really strong.  At that time, Momotaro ate some more Kibidango, and got really strong power.  His friends, the bird, dog, and monkey, cooperated with im, and they killed the devil at last.
  He went back home.  The old man and woman were waiting for him.  They were really glad to see him again.  Then they lived together forever, happily and peacefully.

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