Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Once upon a time two brothers lived.  The older brother's name is Nol-bu, and younger brother's name is Heung-bu.  Nol-bu was very rich and Heung-bu was very poor and had a lot of children.  They were almost ten.  Nol-bu was greedy.  He didn't give any food or money to other people even his brother.  On the other hand, Heung-bu was very nice.  He even gave away his own food or own clothes to other people, even if he had nothing.  One day Heung-bu cured a swallow's leg.  It was broken.  The swallow gave a seed to him for his kindness.  He planted a seed and next year he harvested its nut.  When it was broken, there was many treasure in there and Heung-bu became rich.  Nol-bu heard the fact.  He broke a swallow's leg by himself and next year he also harvested its nut.  When he broke the nut, there were a lot of evil in there.  The evil took all his property, and he became poor.
  After all a good Heung-bu became rich and a bad Nol-bu became poor.

   -Kim Chang Geuai

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