Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Ingenious Rabbit

Periquin was a white rabbit; he had a small house next to the road.  He lived with his rabbit family.  One day his baby rabbit asked him, "Can I go to a garden?"  "Very well."  "But you should come back early," he answered.  One day his wife said, "I want a carrot."  "The carrot is growing in the witch's garden."  "The witch would be very angry," he said.  Periquin went to the witch's garden.  He said, "Can I enter your garden?"  "Very well,"  she said, "But you must give me your baby rabbit."  "But it's impossible,"  he said.  One day Periquin met with his friends and he asked them, "Can you help me?"  and his friends said, "Sure!"  "I can help you."  One morning they were cutting all the carrots.  "Wake up!"  said little rabbit. "It's time to get up!"  But Periquin was fast asleep on the carrots.

   -Maria Alvarez

The story of Dan Koon

A long time ago, there was a tiger and bear which wanted to be human.  tiger said, "I want to be a human."  and bear said, "So do I.  how can we be a human?"  Tiger answered, "Let's go to meet a God who lives on a mountain."  Bear answered, "Good idea."  They met a God and asked, "How can we be a human?" God said, "Eat only Garlic and mugwort for ninety days."  they said, "We can do this.  No problem."  God said,"  And you must live in a cavern.  You can't go outside.  If you go outside, you never can be a human."  They said, "No problem."  So they stayed in a cavern, and ate only garlic and mugwort.  After 60 days, tiger said, "I can't stand it anymore, I want to go outside, and eat meat."  And just then bear said, "No, we can be a human.  Please stand."  And tiger said, "No, it's my business.  I don't want to be a human anymore."

Tiger went outside.  so, bear lived alone.  After 30 days, bear became a human, a woman.  "I became a human.  My dreams have come true."  Suddenly God came here, and said, "Good job, bear.  I want to marry you."  Bear answered," So do I."  Finally God married bear, and bear bore a son.  His name is Dan Koon.  He became the first king of your country.

The Crafty and The Crow

One day a woman put a piece of cheese near by the window.  The crow saw it and said, "It's good for my lunch."  The crow took it into his beak and flew to the tree. "The cheese smells good and I am hungry," whispered the crow.  It was vanity.  The crafty had viewed the theft.  It said, "If I steal the cheese, it doesn't matter."  The crafty had known the crow was vain.  It said "You are the most beautiful bird in here."  It made the crow feel very good.  "I think your song will be beautiful too," said the crafty.  The crow, with plenty of vanity, started to sing.  Opening his beak, he lost the cheese. "You are a fool," said the crafty.  It ran quickly away.  "I think," the crow said, "The crafty had a reason."  From that moment, the crow changed.

Cristhian Cabra

Three monks without water drinking


Once upon a time, there was a monk who lived in a temple.  He had to walk for an hour to get water everyday.  One day, a new monk came to the temple and lived with the first monk.  Next morning, the first monk was going to get water, so he said to the second monk, "You should go with me to get water."  "Of Course," the second monk answered.  Therefore, they went to get water every day and help each other.  The first monk eased his burden of getting water.  However, the situation changed when the third monk came.  "You two have to get water for us," the first monk said.  "Why don't you go with us?"  the third monk said.  "Yes," the second monk said, "if you don't come with us, you can't drink!"  Thus, the three monks fought for a while, then no one went to get water.  Finally, they all died because of no water.


Peach Boy

A long, long ago, there were an old man and an old woman in a village.  He went to the mountain to cut trees.  She went to the river to wash clothes.  When she was washing clothes, a big peach floated in the river.  "What a big peach this is!  I'll take it home," said she, and came home with it on her back.  When she cut the peach, a big baby came out of it.  They were surprised but very happy.  "What will we call him?"  asked she.  he said, "he was born from a peach.  How about calling him "Peach Boy," so they called him Peach Boy.
   Peach boy grew quickly, also, he was a very strong and kind-hearted boy.  One day he said to his parents, "I hear there lived a few bad Demons in the Demon Island."  His father said, "Yes, they sometimes came to the village and do many bad things.  But we can't do anything."  so peach boy went to Demon Island to fight the Demons.  On the way to Demon Island, he met dog, monkey and pheasant.  They went together.
   When they arrived to Demon Island, they met the boss of the Demons.  "A little boy.  I'll kill you," said Demon.  Peach boy attacked Demon so quickly that the Demon could not follow him.  "Bad Demon,  you did bad things to the villagers.  I'll never forgive you," peach boy said.  Then he attacked again.  "I'm sorry.  Forgive me.  I give up," Demon said. "Are you sure?  Do you promise"  "I am sure.  I promise.  I won't bad things anymore."  After that, they never came to the village.

The End

   -Chiho Sato  08/07/00

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nina hsu

   One day, a rabbit and a turtle decided to make a race.  In the beginning, the rabbit ran very fast, so he said to the turtle, "I will be waiting for you under the trees", then he left and fell asleep.  Not long after the turtle caught up and said "I am here, you best wake up or I will win."  The rabbit said, "Don't worry .  I ran so faster than you can, I can catch you before you arrive at the finish line.  Therefore the rabbit fell asleep again.  The turtle kept going.  Finally, the turtle won the race, so he said to the rabbit "Lazy rabbit, I won."