Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Crafty and The Crow

One day a woman put a piece of cheese near by the window.  The crow saw it and said, "It's good for my lunch."  The crow took it into his beak and flew to the tree. "The cheese smells good and I am hungry," whispered the crow.  It was vanity.  The crafty had viewed the theft.  It said, "If I steal the cheese, it doesn't matter."  The crafty had known the crow was vain.  It said "You are the most beautiful bird in here."  It made the crow feel very good.  "I think your song will be beautiful too," said the crafty.  The crow, with plenty of vanity, started to sing.  Opening his beak, he lost the cheese. "You are a fool," said the crafty.  It ran quickly away.  "I think," the crow said, "The crafty had a reason."  From that moment, the crow changed.

Cristhian Cabra

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