Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Ingenious Rabbit

Periquin was a white rabbit; he had a small house next to the road.  He lived with his rabbit family.  One day his baby rabbit asked him, "Can I go to a garden?"  "Very well."  "But you should come back early," he answered.  One day his wife said, "I want a carrot."  "The carrot is growing in the witch's garden."  "The witch would be very angry," he said.  Periquin went to the witch's garden.  He said, "Can I enter your garden?"  "Very well,"  she said, "But you must give me your baby rabbit."  "But it's impossible,"  he said.  One day Periquin met with his friends and he asked them, "Can you help me?"  and his friends said, "Sure!"  "I can help you."  One morning they were cutting all the carrots.  "Wake up!"  said little rabbit. "It's time to get up!"  But Periquin was fast asleep on the carrots.

   -Maria Alvarez

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