Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Peach Boy

A long, long ago, there were an old man and an old woman in a village.  He went to the mountain to cut trees.  She went to the river to wash clothes.  When she was washing clothes, a big peach floated in the river.  "What a big peach this is!  I'll take it home," said she, and came home with it on her back.  When she cut the peach, a big baby came out of it.  They were surprised but very happy.  "What will we call him?"  asked she.  he said, "he was born from a peach.  How about calling him "Peach Boy," so they called him Peach Boy.
   Peach boy grew quickly, also, he was a very strong and kind-hearted boy.  One day he said to his parents, "I hear there lived a few bad Demons in the Demon Island."  His father said, "Yes, they sometimes came to the village and do many bad things.  But we can't do anything."  so peach boy went to Demon Island to fight the Demons.  On the way to Demon Island, he met dog, monkey and pheasant.  They went together.
   When they arrived to Demon Island, they met the boss of the Demons.  "A little boy.  I'll kill you," said Demon.  Peach boy attacked Demon so quickly that the Demon could not follow him.  "Bad Demon,  you did bad things to the villagers.  I'll never forgive you," peach boy said.  Then he attacked again.  "I'm sorry.  Forgive me.  I give up," Demon said. "Are you sure?  Do you promise"  "I am sure.  I promise.  I won't bad things anymore."  After that, they never came to the village.

The End

   -Chiho Sato  08/07/00

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