Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nolbu and Hungbu

A long time ago, two brothers lived in a small village.  The eldest brother's name is Nolbu, the other who Hungbu.  Nolbu is the richest but Hungbu is poor, and he had many children.  One day Hungbu went to his brother's house which was the biggest.  Hungbu said to his sister-in-law, "I'm sorry, sister-in-law.  Please lend some food to me.  "But his sister-in-law slapped him on the cheek with a rice scoop, instead of lending him food, and she said "You're always borrowing rice.  We don't have enough to give to you."  Hungbu returned to his house, but his hoses roof had big pumpkins which were being brought by swallow which Hungbu had cured of a broken leg.  He cut the pumpkins.  By the way, he took kinds of jewels, foods, and servants out of the pumpkins.  Hearing the news, Nolbu went to his brother.  He said, "How do you receive the seed of pumpkin?"  Hungbu said, "I had cured the swallow which had a broken leg."  Nolbu returned to his house, and he broke the leg of the swallow. He cured the swallow.  Next year, swallo brought seeds.  And then, seeds grew up.  Nolbu cut the pumpkins, but devils out of the pumpkins.  So Nolbu became poor.


The Raven and the Fox


The Raven sitting on a tree held in his mouth a piece of cheese.
The Fox walking this way saw the Raven on his tree.
The Fox in his head says "Oh!  A piece of cheese!  I'm hungry!"
So the fox goes to speak with the Raven and says, "Good morning Raven, how are you?"
"I know what you want,"  said the Raven.  "You want my piece of cheese, but you can pass your way because you will never have it! Ok!"
"No, Mr. Raven, I just know that you have a good voice and I want to hear that!"  answered the Fox.
"Oh really?!" asked the Raven.
"Yes, really, please sing for me!" said the Fox.
And the Raven felt so proud about the flattering that when he started to sing, the piece of cheese fell and the Fox jumped to catch it and got away from the Raven's tree.
The moral of this story is, don't be pretentious and you can keep all of your precious things.



A long time ago, a rabbit asked a turtle, "Why do you always walk slowly?"  The turtle ignored the rabbit "Of course, I'm a turtle, fool,"  he thought.  After one month, the rabbit tried to tease the turtle.  "Can we play a game?"  rabbit said.  "Who ever arrives at the creek first wins.  "The lost one must cook for the winner for one year."  "O.K.  no problem, fool, "the turtle said.  While the rabbit was sleeping at home, the game started.  Rabbit said "Soon, I will win this game."  But when rabbit woke up, turtle already had arrived at the finish line.  The rabbit was regretful "I shouldn't have contempt for other people!

Tzu-Hsien Ling


A man lost his parents and he worked for his two younger brothers who are 6 and 10 years old.  Of course, the man's apartment was small and dirty, and also they shared one dish for three people.  Sometimes, they scrambled when they finish their meal in the restaurant.  Even though, they were poor, they were happy because they had some hope to be rich and they helped each other.

One day, the man found very important papers for a company that he was working as a cleaner.  In order to earn good money regularly, he threatened the boss to employ him instead of the important papers.  As a result, he could get a job, not the part-time.

  Until, he became tamed, he made a lot of mistakes but his girlfriend and his coworker who knows his effort for his brothers helped him.  As time went by, his achievements were approved by his company's president.  The president was used to poor just like the man.  Therefore, the president understood the man's passion to be rich and the president made the man to be vice president.

Consequently, the man got everything that money can buy.  The man thought his brothers were happy because of plenty of money.  however, the man lost enough time to communicate his brothers and the brothers realized that money has changed his brother's personality.  The brothers' love and effort made his brother realize that love or good relationships are much more important in the life, unlike the president who got only fame and money, not a real love and personal relationship.

-tomohiko saito

The Strong Man

This story is about the man who can the change our life.  From Arabian Gulf country.  When I was a child, I listening to many stories from my grandmother, which is give me more power on my live.  I remembering that one about the people whom go to dive in search for the pearls.  They were work very hard to save their family live.  However, the man who is responsible manager for the people whom works with him was dictatorial, cruel, wicked, and greedy.  He was employ people to works gratis with him, sometime he was killing the people whom was working with him nor body can stop him.  That day one person who was coming from another village was very strong and smart, he went to the responsible manager to work with people.  Than, they went to dive, after that he found the biggest pearl on that day.  The manager traying to take the biggest pearl from the smart man, but he told him.  Let's go to fight, if any one won he can take hte biggest pearl.  Then they started fighting, the people were surprised from the man who came from the small village ,they say who is the man?  From where he comes?  After very long fighting the smart man throws the manager in water, and ie because he didn't know how to swim.

To Unite

Ancient China was an agricultural society.  Almost every family needs lots of people to work together on a farm so each family always has a lot of children.  This story took place in a big family.

  There were seven children in this family.  The children always couldn't work very well together and frequently argued with each other for tiny reasons.  This family has discord and their domestic economy went down more and more.  Their father found out that if this situation went on, their family would be broke.  However, their father found a way to give the children a hint.

   One day the father with a lot of chopsticks in his hands gathered all his children.  first, the father gave everyone one chopstick and wanted them to snap it.  It's very easy for everyone.  And then the father gave them a pair of chopsticks and they also did it.  finally, the father gave them a bunch of chopsticks but his children couldn't snap them.  At last, these children knew one important thing; if they can work together very well, they will have a happy family.  After that, the children began to unite and not to argue.  this family also became a harmonious home because they really knew that united they stood, divided they fell.

   I learned this story in my elementary school and I didn't have any feeling then because I was so young.  When I have gotten my job, I began to know the true meaning about united.  Because my company had lots of competitor, so all of staff had to have concept about team work.  My company had gotten a good score in my work of first year.  Every staff also gets lots of bonus, but I didn't think the money is importance.  I thought the team work was more important than others.

Shou-Jen Sung

The Fairy and the Man

Long long ago a man lived on a mountain.  His job was cutting down trees.  He was a logger.  He lived alone everyday because his parents died early.  Everyday he climbed the mountain, then he cut the trees, and he sold the trees in the market.  he was very kind-hearted, meek, and diligent, so he wanted to marry.  He didn't marry because he lived on the mountain; therefore, he couldn't find a woman.  One day while he slept he had a dream.  The dream was about the god of the mountain who said, "If you would like the marry, tomorrow you had better go to the lake, meet a fairy, and you must steal the fairy's clothes.  Maybe the fairy will  give up climbing to the sky.  Don't forget, you should never give her her clothes."  He got up early the next morning ,went to the lake, and waited for the fairy.  He was waiting 2 hours and then the fairy came down from the sky.  He didn't gelieve the state of things.  The fairy was very beautiful and pretty.  She took off her clothes and she was taking a shower.

   Just then he stole her clothes.  She finished taking the shower, looked for her clothes, but she didn't find them.  so, she was very sad and cried.  Just then the logger came in front of her, and he said, "If you will marry me, I will give back your clothes."  so they were married.  They were happy and excited.  They had three sons, but sometimes she missed the sky and she wanted to see her parents.  Later she said to the man, "Can you return my clothes?"  He thought if he returned her clothes, maybe she would back to go the sky.  but he loved her, so he gave her her clothes.  One day she went tothe sky, but he was waiting for her.  After three months she came back to their house, and they went to the sky together.
   Many Korean children read this fable because it is not only an interesting story but also has an important lesson.  The most important thing is diligence and the importance of love in this fable.  If we always do our work diligently maybe we will receive good luck.

Si-Wook Jang


There was a small poor family who lived in a small village in Baghdad.  The boy's name was Aladdin, and he lived with his mother.  Once day a man came for this family and he took Aladdin's mother.  He wanted to help them.  He wanted Aladdin to work with him.  Next, he accompanied Aladdin to start to work.  He told Aladdin there was a big accumulation of wealth in this mountain.  This person knew what was inside this mountain.  Anybody who entered inside could die.  this person needed a s mall magic lamp.  Aladdin didn't understand what could happen when he entered the mountain.  Aladdin at first was afraid, however, after he got courage, he entered the mountain.  Aladdin was late and this person thought aladdin was dead.  He left aladdin alone.

Aladdin was frightened inside the mountain and he was tired and alone.  He looked at a small lamp and he started to clean it.  Suddenly a magician came out from this lamp.  Aladdin was very scared, and this magician told him he could make anything for him.  "You have three things I can realize for you: he said.  aladdin was embarrassed at first and he said that he wanted to go outside.  The second thing he wanted was to become a king and have much money.  the third thing he wanted was a big palace.  The magician told him everything was realized for him.  Aladdin was happy when he went outside, and he moved into the big palace and became wealthy,  He was married to the governor's daughter and they lived together.  In addition, they felt happy and enjoyable.  this fable has many lessons like poor people are not ashamed and you must work hard to help your family.  And don't listen to another people.  In addition, you must satisfy your parents and make sacrifices for them.

   -Hamad Al-Mannai

Moon Princess

Long, long time ago, old man and old woman were living together in small house.
   One day, the man goes to a bamboo thicket, find brilliant bamboo, and he cut the bamboo.  Then, he finds cute little girl in the bamboo.  As soon as, he takes and goes back his house.  his wife was so delighted that he found the little cute girl, because they don't have children.
   After that, he finds brilliant bamboo many times in bamboo thicker, and he finds a lot of gold in the bamboo.  So his family were getting rich, and the little girl become beautiful woman.  And the gossip spread at once.
Five princes heard about that and visit her, and then they said that "Will you marry me?"
but she does not want to marry, and she could not choose.  So she gives five different and difficult problems for them, for example find a jewel's tree, and looking for dragon and get a Dordogne ball.  so some princes gave up.
   One day, her parents find that she was watching moon and crying.  Her parents asked that
"Why are you crying?"
,she said,
"I am a princess in the moon, and I should go back the moon next a full moon day.  And my manservant will pick me up.  so that why."
  Her parents are surprised at that.

Full moon day's nice, her menservants visit her and pick her up.  At that time, she said that,

"I will never come back here, but I will never forget you. Thank you for many kind."   After, she goes back and never comes back.

    -Naomi Funayama

A Baby Frog's Regret

This fable is from Korea.  When I was young, I read this fable.

From time eternal, a mother and baby frog were living in a grove.  But the mother frog had a problem.  It was the baby frog always told a lie and he never listened to what she said.  Whenever she told the baby frog to do something he always told a lie and behaved improperly.  For instance, when she wanted him to go the direction of left, he went to the direction of right.  Also, when she wanted him to go the direction of right, he went to the direction of left.  When she wanted him to study, he went to play outside.  Moreover, when it was raining, if she didn't want him to go outside, he went outside anyway.  Therefore, she was distressed and almost gave up on that behavior.

 Later when she almost died, she left him her last desire.  She said,  "If I die, you have to bury my corpse by the mouth of a river."  And, she eagerly wanted him to do that because she thought if she wanted to be buried at a mountain, he would bury her corpse by the mouth of a river.

Finally, she died and he really buried her corpse by the mouth of a river and wailed because he wanted to obey her last desire.  Thus, he always cried by her grave regretting his past mistakes whenever it rained.  Today, to hear croaking frogs is because his mother grave was washed out to a river whenever it rains.

   -Song Min


Once upon a time there were a rabbit and a tortoise.  They ran a race.  The rabbit thought that he must win.  When they started, of course, the rabbit ran much faster than the tortoise.  After a while, the rabbit looked back at the far-off tortoise.  The rabbit thought he would win an easy victory, so he took a nap.  The other party walked step by step.  The rabbit was still sleeping.  When he woke up, the tortoise was near the goal.  The rabbit started running in confusion.  In the long run, the tortoise won and the rabbit lost.
   This story teaches me that I had better not be lazy and self conscious.  There is a pitfall somewhere.  I think I should do everything little by little but certainly more like the tortoise.  For example, I have been learning English since I was a junior high school student, and I've never stopped studying English.  As a result of this, my English has become better and better.

   -Kasumi Takahashi

The Bamboo Princess

Long long time ago, old man and wife lived in a mountain.  They don't have children but they wanted.  One day, old man went to bamboo woods, he found a one of the blinking piece of bamboo.  He cutted that, after cut this what is very small and pretty girl!  He found a small princess, he took her at his house.   She grew up by them, it's like a really family.  They are very enjoying this life.  However, Princess had a one of the trouble, she has to go back to her home town.  It's a moon.  She was kind of nervous, she always stared a moon her face is looks so sadly.  Old man and wife worried her and asked her.  Why you so looks suffer, but she didn't tell them.  she was really confused because she really like them but she has to go back to her home town.  One day, moon is really circle, what is shining from a moon.  This day is deadline of her go back home.
    Her boyfriend is waiting on the moon but she still care about old man and wife.  They gave her a lot of good memories, and they are like her parents.  Although, she doesn't want to tell them about she has to go back home so she think about what is good for them.  Result, she left too much money and some memories.  However, they are not glad too much money.  they just kept those money and her memories but they could have nice and very common life with her memories.  Also Princess got marry with nice guy and she had nice life, too.

 -Sawako Suzuki

Is He Fooling

Long long ago, there were two brothers who lived in the bottom of a mountain with their father.  The older brother was a selfish man but the younger brother was very honest.  Everyday they went to the mountain and cut trees and brought it to the city to sell for money.  Day after day they did this.

   One d ay when they went to the mountain, the younger brother's hatchet got lost in the lake.  He had no idea how he could get back the hatchet.  Suddenly, there is an angel who showed up under the lake and brought a gold hatchet for him.  He didn't accept it and he said that his hatchet was very simple.  After that the angel brought a silver hatchet for him but he didn't accept it also.  Finally, the angel found his true hatchet and gave them to him because of his honesty.

When the older brother knew the younger brother got a gold hatchet and a silver hatchet just because he lost his hatchet in the lake he did the same thing.  The angel showed up like before and also brought a gold hatchet for the older brother.  But the older brother didn't accept it and he said he lost two hatchets, one was gold, one was silver.  The angel was angry that the older brother lied to her.  In the end, the angel disappeared and the older brother didn't get any hatchet.

   This story is from Taiwan.  When you had read this story, I believe smart guy like you must know this story tell us how important it is about honor.  If you are honorable you will get extra money.  The truth is if you are honorable for everything, you will have a happy ending.

A Golden Ax and A Silver Ax

Once up on a time in Korea, a longer went to a forest and he started cutting down some trees.  After a while, he wanted something to drink because he felt tired and thirsty.  Therefore, he went to a pond and drank some water.  After he drank some water, he kept on cutting down trees.  When he was cutting down trees, he threw his bronze ax into the pond.  therefore, he was really upset because he was very poor and he couldn't buy another ax.  At that time, the guardian spirit of the mountain suddenly appeared before the logger with a golden ax.  At that time, the guardian spirit said, "Is this golden ax yours?"
   The logger replied, "No, that is not mine."  Therefore, the guardian spirit went into the pond and appeared with a silver ax.
   The guardian spirit said, "Is this silver ax yours?"
   The logger replied, "No, that is not mine."  so, the guardian spirit went into the pond and appeared with a bronze ax.
   The guardian spirit said, "Is this bronze ax yours?"
   The logger replied, "Yes, that is my ax, thank you very much."
   The guardian spirit said, "I am deeply moved by your honesty; therefore, I will give you a golden ax and a silver ax."  So, the logger went back to his home with three axes.
   This fable is very common in Korea.  In my childhood, I heard this fable from my mother.  At that time, my mother said, "You have to become an honest person because honesty is the most important thing in your life.  If you always live honestly, you will have many friends around and they will think that you are a reliable person."  In addition, I think that my mother's speech is true; therefore, I like this fable.  Finally, I expect that many children will read this fable and they will recognize the importance of honesty.

  -Ui-Suk, Chung