Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nolbu and Hungbu

A long time ago, two brothers lived in a small village.  The eldest brother's name is Nolbu, the other who Hungbu.  Nolbu is the richest but Hungbu is poor, and he had many children.  One day Hungbu went to his brother's house which was the biggest.  Hungbu said to his sister-in-law, "I'm sorry, sister-in-law.  Please lend some food to me.  "But his sister-in-law slapped him on the cheek with a rice scoop, instead of lending him food, and she said "You're always borrowing rice.  We don't have enough to give to you."  Hungbu returned to his house, but his hoses roof had big pumpkins which were being brought by swallow which Hungbu had cured of a broken leg.  He cut the pumpkins.  By the way, he took kinds of jewels, foods, and servants out of the pumpkins.  Hearing the news, Nolbu went to his brother.  He said, "How do you receive the seed of pumpkin?"  Hungbu said, "I had cured the swallow which had a broken leg."  Nolbu returned to his house, and he broke the leg of the swallow. He cured the swallow.  Next year, swallo brought seeds.  And then, seeds grew up.  Nolbu cut the pumpkins, but devils out of the pumpkins.  So Nolbu became poor.


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