Sunday, December 9, 2012


A man lost his parents and he worked for his two younger brothers who are 6 and 10 years old.  Of course, the man's apartment was small and dirty, and also they shared one dish for three people.  Sometimes, they scrambled when they finish their meal in the restaurant.  Even though, they were poor, they were happy because they had some hope to be rich and they helped each other.

One day, the man found very important papers for a company that he was working as a cleaner.  In order to earn good money regularly, he threatened the boss to employ him instead of the important papers.  As a result, he could get a job, not the part-time.

  Until, he became tamed, he made a lot of mistakes but his girlfriend and his coworker who knows his effort for his brothers helped him.  As time went by, his achievements were approved by his company's president.  The president was used to poor just like the man.  Therefore, the president understood the man's passion to be rich and the president made the man to be vice president.

Consequently, the man got everything that money can buy.  The man thought his brothers were happy because of plenty of money.  however, the man lost enough time to communicate his brothers and the brothers realized that money has changed his brother's personality.  The brothers' love and effort made his brother realize that love or good relationships are much more important in the life, unlike the president who got only fame and money, not a real love and personal relationship.

-tomohiko saito

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