Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Strong Man

This story is about the man who can the change our life.  From Arabian Gulf country.  When I was a child, I listening to many stories from my grandmother, which is give me more power on my live.  I remembering that one about the people whom go to dive in search for the pearls.  They were work very hard to save their family live.  However, the man who is responsible manager for the people whom works with him was dictatorial, cruel, wicked, and greedy.  He was employ people to works gratis with him, sometime he was killing the people whom was working with him nor body can stop him.  That day one person who was coming from another village was very strong and smart, he went to the responsible manager to work with people.  Than, they went to dive, after that he found the biggest pearl on that day.  The manager traying to take the biggest pearl from the smart man, but he told him.  Let's go to fight, if any one won he can take hte biggest pearl.  Then they started fighting, the people were surprised from the man who came from the small village ,they say who is the man?  From where he comes?  After very long fighting the smart man throws the manager in water, and ie because he didn't know how to swim.

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