Sunday, December 9, 2012


There was a small poor family who lived in a small village in Baghdad.  The boy's name was Aladdin, and he lived with his mother.  Once day a man came for this family and he took Aladdin's mother.  He wanted to help them.  He wanted Aladdin to work with him.  Next, he accompanied Aladdin to start to work.  He told Aladdin there was a big accumulation of wealth in this mountain.  This person knew what was inside this mountain.  Anybody who entered inside could die.  this person needed a s mall magic lamp.  Aladdin didn't understand what could happen when he entered the mountain.  Aladdin at first was afraid, however, after he got courage, he entered the mountain.  Aladdin was late and this person thought aladdin was dead.  He left aladdin alone.

Aladdin was frightened inside the mountain and he was tired and alone.  He looked at a small lamp and he started to clean it.  Suddenly a magician came out from this lamp.  Aladdin was very scared, and this magician told him he could make anything for him.  "You have three things I can realize for you: he said.  aladdin was embarrassed at first and he said that he wanted to go outside.  The second thing he wanted was to become a king and have much money.  the third thing he wanted was a big palace.  The magician told him everything was realized for him.  Aladdin was happy when he went outside, and he moved into the big palace and became wealthy,  He was married to the governor's daughter and they lived together.  In addition, they felt happy and enjoyable.  this fable has many lessons like poor people are not ashamed and you must work hard to help your family.  And don't listen to another people.  In addition, you must satisfy your parents and make sacrifices for them.

   -Hamad Al-Mannai

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