Sunday, December 9, 2012

To Unite

Ancient China was an agricultural society.  Almost every family needs lots of people to work together on a farm so each family always has a lot of children.  This story took place in a big family.

  There were seven children in this family.  The children always couldn't work very well together and frequently argued with each other for tiny reasons.  This family has discord and their domestic economy went down more and more.  Their father found out that if this situation went on, their family would be broke.  However, their father found a way to give the children a hint.

   One day the father with a lot of chopsticks in his hands gathered all his children.  first, the father gave everyone one chopstick and wanted them to snap it.  It's very easy for everyone.  And then the father gave them a pair of chopsticks and they also did it.  finally, the father gave them a bunch of chopsticks but his children couldn't snap them.  At last, these children knew one important thing; if they can work together very well, they will have a happy family.  After that, the children began to unite and not to argue.  this family also became a harmonious home because they really knew that united they stood, divided they fell.

   I learned this story in my elementary school and I didn't have any feeling then because I was so young.  When I have gotten my job, I began to know the true meaning about united.  Because my company had lots of competitor, so all of staff had to have concept about team work.  My company had gotten a good score in my work of first year.  Every staff also gets lots of bonus, but I didn't think the money is importance.  I thought the team work was more important than others.

Shou-Jen Sung

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