Sunday, December 9, 2012

Moon Princess

Long, long time ago, old man and old woman were living together in small house.
   One day, the man goes to a bamboo thicket, find brilliant bamboo, and he cut the bamboo.  Then, he finds cute little girl in the bamboo.  As soon as, he takes and goes back his house.  his wife was so delighted that he found the little cute girl, because they don't have children.
   After that, he finds brilliant bamboo many times in bamboo thicker, and he finds a lot of gold in the bamboo.  So his family were getting rich, and the little girl become beautiful woman.  And the gossip spread at once.
Five princes heard about that and visit her, and then they said that "Will you marry me?"
but she does not want to marry, and she could not choose.  So she gives five different and difficult problems for them, for example find a jewel's tree, and looking for dragon and get a Dordogne ball.  so some princes gave up.
   One day, her parents find that she was watching moon and crying.  Her parents asked that
"Why are you crying?"
,she said,
"I am a princess in the moon, and I should go back the moon next a full moon day.  And my manservant will pick me up.  so that why."
  Her parents are surprised at that.

Full moon day's nice, her menservants visit her and pick her up.  At that time, she said that,

"I will never come back here, but I will never forget you. Thank you for many kind."   After, she goes back and never comes back.

    -Naomi Funayama

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