Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Raven and the Fox


The Raven sitting on a tree held in his mouth a piece of cheese.
The Fox walking this way saw the Raven on his tree.
The Fox in his head says "Oh!  A piece of cheese!  I'm hungry!"
So the fox goes to speak with the Raven and says, "Good morning Raven, how are you?"
"I know what you want,"  said the Raven.  "You want my piece of cheese, but you can pass your way because you will never have it! Ok!"
"No, Mr. Raven, I just know that you have a good voice and I want to hear that!"  answered the Fox.
"Oh really?!" asked the Raven.
"Yes, really, please sing for me!" said the Fox.
And the Raven felt so proud about the flattering that when he started to sing, the piece of cheese fell and the Fox jumped to catch it and got away from the Raven's tree.
The moral of this story is, don't be pretentious and you can keep all of your precious things.

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