Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Fairy and the Man

Long long ago a man lived on a mountain.  His job was cutting down trees.  He was a logger.  He lived alone everyday because his parents died early.  Everyday he climbed the mountain, then he cut the trees, and he sold the trees in the market.  he was very kind-hearted, meek, and diligent, so he wanted to marry.  He didn't marry because he lived on the mountain; therefore, he couldn't find a woman.  One day while he slept he had a dream.  The dream was about the god of the mountain who said, "If you would like the marry, tomorrow you had better go to the lake, meet a fairy, and you must steal the fairy's clothes.  Maybe the fairy will  give up climbing to the sky.  Don't forget, you should never give her her clothes."  He got up early the next morning ,went to the lake, and waited for the fairy.  He was waiting 2 hours and then the fairy came down from the sky.  He didn't gelieve the state of things.  The fairy was very beautiful and pretty.  She took off her clothes and she was taking a shower.

   Just then he stole her clothes.  She finished taking the shower, looked for her clothes, but she didn't find them.  so, she was very sad and cried.  Just then the logger came in front of her, and he said, "If you will marry me, I will give back your clothes."  so they were married.  They were happy and excited.  They had three sons, but sometimes she missed the sky and she wanted to see her parents.  Later she said to the man, "Can you return my clothes?"  He thought if he returned her clothes, maybe she would back to go the sky.  but he loved her, so he gave her her clothes.  One day she went tothe sky, but he was waiting for her.  After three months she came back to their house, and they went to the sky together.
   Many Korean children read this fable because it is not only an interesting story but also has an important lesson.  The most important thing is diligence and the importance of love in this fable.  If we always do our work diligently maybe we will receive good luck.

Si-Wook Jang

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