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Noah Balboa's New Single: Jewman

You should expect a music video, with my single: "Jewman", by my birthday, February 20th, 2016... Cheers society!!!#iamthejewman
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Folk Tale

Many folk tales in Sri Lanka are connected to the daily lives of the people, which go back to about 500 years. Most of the time, a folk tale is woven around a prominent figure such as the king, a wise man in a village or sometimes the “gamarala” (farmer). The story which is described below is about a man called as “Andare”, who was a court jester employed to amuse the King, and his Ministers. Although books on history do not mention about such a position during the reign of Sinhala Kings, there could have been such a position to take away the tension of the daily work of the King and his ministers. Therefore, the stories of Andare are quite popular. Even if there’s no direct moral expressed in these stories related to Andare, one could learn how to use wit and brains in combination to get out of certain situations.

One day, since Andare used to play pranks on the king, the ministers and sometimes even the queen, the ministers decided to play a prank on Andare for a change. So they went to the king one day and requested His Majesty to order everyone to dive in to the Royal pond and resurface with an egg in their hands. The king too agreed to this and was curious to know what Andare would do.

Therefore, when the next day, the king, his ministers and Andare went to the Royal pond to take a bath, the king announced that before he took his bath, everyone should dive in to the Royal pond and bring an egg each when they come up again, and if he’s unable to do it, that man ashould admit that he’s a fool. By this time, each of the ministers had an egg with them which was unknown to Andare. At the order when the signal was given, the ministers immediately dived in to the pool. Although Andare was quite surprised at this request, he had no alternative but to dive himself.

After a while, each minister came back to the surface holding an egg in his hand, and everyone including the king was waiting for Andare. Finally, he too came up and realized that he was set up and that this had been planned before to make him a fool. However, he did not want to accept that he was defeated. Therefore, as soon as he came up, Andare cried “Cock-a –doodle doo ….! All of you are hens and I am the only cockerel over here! Cock-a doodle doo…”

The King was impressed and amazed at how Andare was able to use his brain and wit to outmaster the ministers and how he made the prank rebound on them and had a hearty laugh. (Inosha, 2015)

Arash the Archer story

A long time ago, in a land far away, there were two countries called Iran and Turan. Manouchehr was the king of Iran and he had a majestic Kingdom, but unfortunately, he was a cruel monarch whose unjust behavior and imprudence made Iran an unorganized country. When the king of Turan, Pashdad, was informed about Iran’s desultory condition and the weakness of Manuchehr’s kingdom, he did not hesitate for a moment. He told his consultants and ministers, "This is the precious time to defeat Manouchehr and seize Iran”. After a long meeting they came up with a big plan. They decided to send Afrasiab, the prince, with a major army to fight with Manouchehr's corps and conquer them. That was how a gory war began between two countries.

Iranian soldiers bravely fought for their country and they sacrificed their life to defend Iran’s borders. The war took a long time, but unfortunately, despite all those sacrifices, Afrasiab was clever and powerful man, but Manouchehr was an old and slobby leader. Therefore, Afrasiab surrounded Manuchehr and his corps, and finally two sides reached a settlement. The agreement was in this way, “an Iranian soldier should shoot an arrow with a bow on Alborz Mountain and at the end, the land between the bow-shot place and wherever the arrow falls would stay as Iran’s territory and the rest would be a part of Turan”.

Manouchehr announced this news in his corps and asked for the strongest and bravest soldier who could make the longest shot. Arash Pioneered to do the shot. He had a very special bow which could make the longest shot, but that shot would come with a price. “A person who shoots with this bow, will lose all his strength and will die at the end;" he remembered this sentence vividly from a man who gave him this bow. But he was resolute to give up all he had for his country. He went on top of Alborz mountain to make the shot; he took his bow, put an arrow in it. Then he held his breath and started to drag it. He knew he had only one shot and he wanted to make the best one. He started to think about his homeland, his country, his people, his loved ones, and the smell of spring in his home, and by each thought the power was moving to his hands from all parts of his body, and in the same time, he breathed more and more from his country’s air for a very last time. When he had all his energy in his hands and his livers were full, he closed his eyes and released the arrow in the name of Iran. The arrow left Arash’s bow and traveled for a day from dawn to sunset and finally hit a walnut tree near the Jeyhoon River, which was identified as Iran and Turan’s border. But our hero, Arash, was exploded and dispersed on the mountain after the shot to enrich Iran’s soil forever with integrity and honor. (Soraya, 2015)

· This is an ancient Persian myth and folkloric story that was originally written in Aboureihan Birooni’s book.

The Walker and his Animals

A man, his horse and his dog walked by a rural road when suddenly lightning fell and killed all three immediately. The man did not notice that he had died and continued on his way with the horse and the dog.

The road had a strong slope. The weather was very hot. It was very dusty also and they had walked a long distance. They were exhausted and thirsty.

After a curve, the man saw a large beautifully decorated gate. He could see that the gate was the entrance to a huge garden with all kinds of trees and flowers. He saw that in the middle of the garden a huge pool offered fresh water to its visitors.

The man walked in the direction of the guard that protected the gate. After greeting, the man asked him about the name of that beautiful and comfortable place. The guard said this is the heaven. The man, surprised, said: Oh!!.. Marvelous, we are in the heaven. We are thirsty!. The guard, pointing at the pool, said to the man: In this place, you can drink all water you want. Please, go ahead…but, only you can pass. The man said: My horse and my dog also want to drink water. They also are thirsty. I am sorry – said the guard - In this place the entrance of animals is not allowed.

The man was angry because he was so thirsty, but he did not think of drinking water alone. He got up, said good bye to the guard and continued walking.

The road had its huge slope yet and the sun heated up even more. They were really tired at that moment when they arrived to another place. This time the little gate was made of old wood. He could see that the gate led to a dusty road which finished in a puddle of water surrounded by several trees. Next to a tree, an old man was sitting on the ground; he probably was sleeping. The thirsty man and his animals entered and walked in direction of the old man. Good morning!, said the walker. The old man answered with a movement of his head. The man continued: We are thirsty: my dog, my horse and me, said the man. The old man responded: There is a little river next to those rocks. You and your animals can drink all the water you need. The walker and his animals went to the river and they gorged their thirst. After that, they came back to where the old man was sitting and thanked the man for the courtesy. The old man responded: You and your animals can come back when you like. After thanks again, the man said: What is the name of this place? The heaven, answered the old man. Really? But we just passed another place a few miles ago, and its guard told me that was the Heaven! Said the man, That is not the heaven, it is the hell. Said the old man, You should prohibit others from using your name. This information is false and can induct to errors! said the man. No way - rebuked the old man – they really do a favor to us, because in that place stay all those capable of abandoning their best friends. (Elliot, 2015)

Folktale from Bangladesh-The Fox and the Crocodile

A long time ago, there was a village situated on the bank of a beautiful lake and there used to live a clever fox and his faithful friend, the crocodile. Almost every day, the two friends used to meet each other and discuss how they can ensure the availability of the food without much hassle.

The availability of the food was particularly very low in the winter and hence the fox had to steal away the leftover from the villagers outside their house. But this was a very risky job to do as the villagers, one day, out of fear that the fox might eat their chicken, threw stones at him. After this rude reception the fox returned to his den with bruises and starvation and the crocodile came to accompany him.

Then one day, the fox came up with an idea. He went to the crocodile and said, “I have an idea my friend, let’s cultivate our own food.” Though the crocodile spent most of his life in the water and did not have much idea about the land, he replied, “That sounds interesting. But what crops shall we cultivate?"“We could cultivate rice” said the fox. “Rice requires water hence it is best to cultivate them near the lake”.

“That’s a great idea. But how does it taste?” “It is tasty, soft and easy to swallow than the meat,” replied the fox. “That is nice, can’t wait to start the process.”So the crocodile helped the fox to cultivate the grains of rice. He took care of the plants until they were tall and ripe.

“Now we should harvest the crop” said the fox and the crocodile licked his lips hungrily. “Wait my friend, how we shall share this rice?” asked the fox. He then pretended to think for some time and replied, “I have an idea, since you have worked so hard for the last few months, you can have all the parts that grows below the ground and I will just take the top part.”

“That is so kind of you” the crocodile said. “Thank you very much.”

But as they pulled out the rice plant from the ground, the crocodile found out that only thin roots grow below the ground and all the ripe rice seeds have grown above the ground. The evil minded fox started to laugh but the crocodile was disheartened and annoyed with the fox.“We should grow something different next time,” said the crocodile.

The fox agreed with him. “We should try to cultivate potatoes this time” he recommended. So like before, the crocodile helped the fox to plant the potatoes and took good care of them until they were tall and bushy.“Now let’s harvest the crop,” said the fox and the crocodile licked his lips hungrily. “Wait my friend, how we shall share this potatoes?” said the fox. “I know what we should do, since you have worked so hard for the last few months, you can have…”

“Oh this time I’ll take the top part, if you don’t have any problem with it, fox,” the crocodile was unfair to in previous occasions, this time you would say which part of the coconut you want to take.” The crocodile got deceived by the shiny outer surface of the coconut and decided to take the outer part of it leaving the tasty and smooth part for the fox. When they started to cut through the shiny smooth impatiently said. “Oh, I suppose that would be fair. Last time I took the part that grows above the ground, this time you can take it.”

They dug up the potatoes with a shovel and the crocodile got surprised when he saw all the white potatoes have grown beneath the ground. He only got a mouthful of leaves but tasted very bad and he spat them out with disgust.“ This time we will grow coconuts. I have seen village children climb up to the tree to pick them” the crocodile said.

So they grew the coconut and when they were ready to harvest, the fox said, “my friend I green skin, the rough hairy brown shell came out. The crocodile saw that on the inside there was refreshing, milky coconut water and white coconut flesh.

This time the crocodile got furious. “Stop tricking me fox!” If we grow anything else I want to have the inside.”

Next crop they grew was mangoes and as per his desperate request, the crocodile got the inside part of the mangoes, the seed. The crocodile got so angry that he was about the snap off the tail of this false and heartless friend. Meanwhile the clever fox was plotting how he can save himself from the angry crocodile. Then he came up with a new idea. The fox was about proposed their next venture, which was to grow sugar cane. He was just about to promise the crocodile to have the both roots and leaves but had to stop because of the smiley expression of the crocodile.

“What is it?” asked the fox.

The kind hearted crocodile had a broad smile on his face and said, “I’ve got much better idea that any of yours. There is a much fairer way of sharing and we will never have to worry about starvation if we follow that. The fox was surprised with the sudden change of behavior from the crocodile. He asked, "What is your idea?”

The crocodile said that they should equally share the total harvest, not just a certain portion of them. Eventually the fox understood and agreed on the term of the crocodile and they never had to face any scarcity for food. (Maliha, 2015)

Moral: If we can share and utilize our limited resource, we can maximize result.

Folk Tale from Sri Lanka- “Andare” and the Ministers

Once upon a time in ancient Sri Lanka, there was a clever person called Andare, who was known for his talent to amuse the king. The ministers who worked for the king was jealous of Andare, and one day they planned to teach him a good lesson.

The king and the ministers had a special day that they all go together to have a swim in the lake. Andare used to accompany the king to the pool on such days too. The ministers secretly discussed among themselves and each planned to take an egg each to the pool with them. Andare and the king were both unaware of their plan.

At the lake, one minister asked “who can dive in this lake and find an egg from the bottom and bring it up?” All the ministers volunteered to take the challenge and jumped into the lake. Andare was clueless and didn’t have any option but to jump in and try to find the egg. In a while all the ministers appeared with an egg in hand. But Andare appeared without any in hand. But before anyone could tell anything to him, Andare shouted out loud “cock- a- doodle- doo… You all are hens and I’m the only cock!!!” and gave a hearty laugh to everyone. (Suhadinie, 2015)

Ant and Cicada

Long before all this, there was a forest in which all animals were talking. There was a cicada and basically he was a rock star of the woods. He just wanted to rock’n roll all night and party every day. He never made any kind of preparation for the coming summer. He was always relaxing with his guitar and his friends. On the other hand, there was a hardworking ant and he was working every day of hot summer making preparations for coming summer. When the long and cold winter finally came, cicada has found himself in very bad position because he has done nothing for coming winter. No foods, no nothing. Then he remembered that maybe his neighbor hardworking ant could help him and give him some food. He went to his cabin and kindly knocked the door and said “Good evening brother ant” and ant replied “what do you want cicada”. Then, cicada explained the situation to him. Ant replied, “what did you do all summer?” Cicada answered that with embarrassment, “I partied all summer.“ However ant got really mad and replied, “Keep on partying in the winter too like you did in summer” and shut the door. In the end, cicada sadly started to walk in the snow. (Utku Gulbulak, Turkey, 2015)