Sunday, January 1, 2017

Tiger and Rabbit

Once upon a time, there was a little tiger in the forest. His dream was flying in the sky. You know, it is impossible for a tiger to fly in the sky. However, it was his dream. In order to achieve his dream, he got up early to exercise flying, and didn’t go to bed until midnight every day.

One day, the door of his house was struck after midnight. He asked, “Who?” A sound of fatigue came, “Is anybody there? I am a little rabbit. I am lost in the forest. Could I live in your house?” The little tiger opened the door. There was a little rabbit outside the door. By the light of the bright, the little tiger saw the little rabbit blush. Then, the little tiger let the rabbit come into the house.

After that, the little rabbit lived in the little tiger’s house. Furthermore, the tiger and the rabbit got along very well. Every time when the tiger went to exercise flying, the rabbit always accompanied the tiger. When the tiger felt sad because it was difficult for him to fly, the rabbit always encouraged and comforted the tiger. On the other hand, when other animals bullied the little rabbit, the little tiger always bravely stood up to help the rabbit. As the time went by, they got used to living together.

Suddenly one day, an angel came to meet with the little tiger. The angel said, “I am touched by your exercise. I can help you grow wings to fly in the sky, but you will never return to this forest.” The tiger was very happy because he would achieve his dream soon. The little rabbit was also happy for the little tiger. However, the little tiger could not see the sadness and pain in the eyes of the little rabbit. On the second day, the little tiger went with the angel. The rabbit was very sad, crying all day.

After a few days, the little tiger began to miss the little rabbit. He missed the smile, the shadow, and the embrace which made him reassured. But he could not return to the forest any more. He was very regretful to leave the little rabbit. He was worried that there would be other animals to bully the little rabbit. But, he could not do anything.

The little tiger went to ask for the help of the angel, and he said, “Dear angel, could you please help me? I don’t want to fly in the sky any more. I want to return to the forest. I want to live together with the rabbit.” The angel said, “It is ok. I can let you go back to the rabbit, before you have to be a watchdog for us in two years. You will lose your dignity as a tiger if you have to be a watchdog for us.” The tiger said, “Yes, I will do it.”

After two years, the little tiger fulfilled the watchdog mission. Then, he returned to his house successfully. When he arrived at the door of his house, he was worried and he wasn’t sure that the rabbit was still in his house. He was wandering in the door of his house, and dared not knock on the door, because he is afraid of nobody inside. Suddenly, the door was open. The little rabbit was still waiting for him in the tiger’s house.

“Will you love me in the morning?”

“Forever, and ever.” (Yiting Dong)

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