Sunday, January 1, 2017

Folk Tale (How to Bring the Donkey)

Once upon a time, a father with his five year old son wanted to sell their donkey. One day, they decided to go to the downtown to sell their donkey. They walked the donkey on their way. A man saw this scenery and asked them, “Why did you guys not ride the donkey instead of walking it?” Thus, the father asked his son to ride on the donkey. After a period, they encountered a woman. The woman said to the son that you are not respectful to your father. After hearing these words, the son let the father ride the donkey. After some time, they encountered another woman. She said "poor kid", and blamed the father about not taking care of his son. Therefore, the father decided to ride the horse together with his son. After walking a distance, they encountered another man. This time, he accused the father and son of abusing the animal. He said that "this donkey was weak and skinny; how could you guys rode on him". The father and the son had no choice but carrying the donkey on their back and walking to the downtown. When they crossed the bridge, the donkey could not stand the torture and tried to escape. Unfortunately, when the donkey escaped, it fell to the river and drowned.

This story tells us that we do not need to always listen to others and follow their rules. Sometimes we should be confident about our choice, ideals and thought. The most important thing is that we need to have our own opinion toward a thing and make our mind to do it. (Cheng Ta)

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