Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Koi and Bai

There were once two sisters: Koi and Bai. Koi was so clever and Bai was the foolish one. They didn’t have much things only one blanket, one cow and one mango tree. So they decided to share their things together. Koi thought this is a good opportunity to make more profit out of their only properties. She told Bai: dearest Bai, you are always first.
So they made three agreements.

Bai will have that blanket on day time, koi will have that on night.
Bai will have the front part of the cow, Koi will have the back end.
Bai will have bottom half of the mango tree, Koi will have the top half.

Bai, the foolish one, agreed and fell into the trap. During the day when the sun blazed down there is no use of blanket, but at night its shivering cold. While Koi slept in comfort, Bai could not sleep at all. Bai was tired of feeding the cow; while Koi made butter and yogurt from the milk. Bai had to water the mango tree and weed around its base. Koi came and took all the mangoes.

Many day passed away while Bai was suffering from all of this. One day a farmer saw Bai asked how she is. She told him all her story and then that farmer told her a way to end this. In the next day Bai took her blanket and dipped it in the river, did not feed the cow and scold it, and told Koi that she decided to cut the mango tree. As a result, when koi went to sleep at night she could not sleep all night because of the wet blanket. In the morning Koi went to milk the cow and the cow kick her, and when she went to have some mangoes found Bai standing there with a saw.

Koi understand immediately what she was doing to her sister all these days. She cried from regret and asked for her forgiveness. Bai felt that Koi has learned her lesson and forgave her. From that day on, they decided to share their things equally. And so it was that Koi and Bai shared the blanket and kept each other warm at night; shared the milk to make butter and yogurt; and shared those delicious mangoes. And so much did they have that they had plenty to share with the rest of the community. (Sharmin Akter)

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