Sunday, January 1, 2017

Folk Story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful family of five. They were very happy and they loved each other very much. One day they went to a camping trip. They drove for six hours to get into the forest. When they got into the forest they set up the tent and started a wood fire. The first night the father was telling stories to the three kids, and the kids were eating marshmallows. The next morning, the family went for a walk in the forest. Landon, the older brother, was jumping and running on the rocks. His father and mother told him to stop jumping and running on the rocks because he could fall over the cliff. He got angry and yelled to them that he was a big boy and he knew what he was doing. Suddenly, when he was going to jump on the last rock, he fell into the 300 feet cliff. Fortunately, he only broke his arm. It was getting dark and he was all alone in the forest. Then he started thinking about his parents. He felt sorry for disobeying them and for giving them a hard time. He was telling himself, "If I had listened to them I probably wouldn’t be here”. Then he remembered what his mother always tells him: “When things are going bad just pray to the Lord and he would give you strength”. Hence, he started to pray to the Lord and promised God that if he got out of the cliff safely, he would ask their forgiveness and would respect them from now on. The Lord heard Landon’s prayer, and the next morning the rescuers saved him. When he was getting out of the cliff he saw his mother and dad. He went running to them and he said: “Mom, Dad I am really sorry. I promise I would never disobey you again”. He hugged them and explained the promise he made to God while he was on the cliff. Landon’s father told him, “Son we love you so much. When we tell you something is because we know is the best for you. I am glad that this experience made you realize it”. Landon learned two things that day. The first one was, that even when you think your parents bother, and don’t let you do anything, they do it because they love you and don’t want you to get hurt. The second lesson was, that God always hears the prayer of a humble and contrite heart. (Edgar Aviles-Rosa)

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