Sunday, January 1, 2017

Folk Tale

Once upon a time, there lived a rat and a squirrel. They were friendly with each other. They had another friend, eagle. Both rat and squirrel lived in the trunk of a tree and the eagle lived on the top of the tree. They were all best friends and they were always there for one another if anyone was in trouble. These three used to go together in search of food in the morning and get back in the evening and used to play together until night. This had become their daily routine. Their children were also all friendly and they all played games while their parents got food. When they got excess food, they stored their food and when they did not get food, they shared their stored food all equally. Suddenly, one day it started raining and the rain continued for three days. They felt their lives would be in danger if they went out; therefore, they thought it was better to eat their stored food. As they decided, they started feeding themselves with the stored food.

Meanwhile, they saw a cat shivering outside their home and they felt pity for the cat. They offered cat a shelter and the cat was very happy. Cat seemed to be very weak and they offered their stored food to cat and then to their children and finally the rat, the squirrel and the eagle ate the food that was left. The rain still continued for three more days, but their stored food got finished. They starved to feed the cat. Cat was getting better day by day. Finally, the rain had stopped and as the stored food was finished, they had to go out in hunt of food. They asked cat to look after their children as their children had become weak due to shortage of food. The cat was okay and agreed to look after their children for that day. As soon as all the three went for food, cat started to think negatively and ate all the children. In the evening, all the three got back home and found their children missing. They got to know that it was all cat’s evil mind and the cat had done this to them. They all decided to teach cat a lesson. They thought of a good plan and they were waiting for the right moment. Finally, one day they saw the cat on the way and thought that it was the correct time to teach it a lesson. The rat willingly got into quick sand and it was holding grass giving an impression to the cat going on the way that it was getting sunk into the sand. Squirrel and eagle were by the side of the tree watching the whole drama. The cat walking that way saw the rat and noticed that the rat was sinking into the quick sand. It felt happy listening to the rat crying out if there is anyone to help it out. The cat started laughing at the rat. The rat started pleasing rat to help it out, but the cat asked rat what it would get in return? The rat told cat that it would offer the cat whatever it asked for. The cat looked here and there for some time and finally got an idea. The cat asked rat if it saves the rat, it had to be the cat’s food. The rat acted for some time as if it is thinking and said it was okay. As per the plan, rat extended its hand and even the cat extended its hand to grab. Rat, with all its strength pulled the cat into the sand. Eagle and the squirrel from the top dropped a branch from the tree. When the rat held it, eagle and squirrel pulled it up. The cat screamed in the fear of death and it drowned into the quick sand. This way they all taught the cat a lesson for betraying them. (Bhargavi Gude)

Moral: Be thankful to the ones that offer you help in need.

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