Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pull up the seedlings to make them grow

In ancient China, there was a man who grew seedlings on his farm. Every day he went to the farm to check how tall his seedlings grew. He was very eager to see the seedlings grow up quickly. However, one day passed, two days passed and three days passed. The seedlings grew very slowly and you could barely see the difference. He walked around the farm anxiously and said to himself, “I have to do something to help them”. One day, he thought of a good plan. Guess what he did? He went to the farm hastily and pulled up every seedling! He worked from noon to sunset. After went back home, he said while he was still breathing heavily, “So exhausted today. But it is so delightful to see all the seedlings grow up a lot.” His son did not understand what happened, but had a bad feeling. He ran quickly to the farm, no surprise, all the leaves of seedlings began to wither.

This story tells us that we should not rush to do anything. For certain thing, it just does not work if you rush, because it needs accumulation of time. Just like another old Chinese saying “A watched pot never boils”. (Rui Liu)

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