Sunday, January 1, 2017

Unity is Strength

A long time ago, an old sage had five young sons. The sons were strong enough, but they always quarreled with each other all day, and they didn’t want to share anything among them. Since he was getting old, the old person was thinking about distributing all of his assets to his children. However, he was worried that when he was gone forever, his children couldn’t maintain his hard earned assets. One fine morning, he called all his sons. He said, “Sons, bring some wood sticks to me.” Hence, they brought back some sticks and gave them to him. Then the old man tied all of the wood sticks together and kept them in front of them. After that, the old person said, “Break it and take all of my assets!” The sons tried their best to break the bunch of sticks individually, but they could not make it. They sweated, “Daddy, It’s impossible!” After that, the old man untied the wood sticks and gave one to them, “Now break a single stick”. They easily managed to break the single stick. Therefore, the old sage said to his sons, “Dear sons, if you stay together, no one can harm you. But, if you stay alone you will collapse like the single broken stick.” All of the boys then repented for their misdoings and understood the strength of unity. After that day, they never quarreled with each other and happily lived together thereafter. (Minhaz, Bangladesh, 2016)

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