Sunday, January 1, 2017

Three Stars

There was a red star, a green star, and a yellow star in the sky. They were very good friends with each other. They were playing a game of hide-and-seek one day. The red star saw a piece of white cloud and ran towards the white cloud quickly trying to hide under the white cloud. Unfortunately, the red star was running in a big rush and fell to the ground. Bang! The red star fell on a tree that was beside a broad road.

Hoot! A car was driving on the road. The car saw the red star and stopped. The red star wondered: “Why don’t you go?” The car said, “Because you are red light. I need to wait for green light to go.” In a short time, there were a lot of cars stopping in front of the red star. The various cars blocked the road, and they honked the horn and shouted: “Change to green light! Change to green light!” The red star was worried. “Where can I find green light? Oh, I can ask for help from the green star!” The red star figured out a great solution. However, the green star was in the sky, and who could go and ask for help from the green star?

A little bird said: “I can go to tell the green star.” The little bird used all her energy, and her wings were sour after a while. She could not fly anymore, and she saw an eagle. The eagle said: “I will go and tell the green star.” The eagle opened his wide wings and flew to the sky. On the half way to the sky, the eagle was tired and he saw an airplane. The airplane said, “I will go and tell the green star.” The airplane flew very fast and reached very high, but she still could not reach the green star. At that time, the airplane saw a rocket, and the rocket said, “I can go to tell the green star.” The rocket flew to the sky in one second. The green star and the yellow star were looking for the red star when the rocket reached the sky. The green star ran down immediately after hearing that the red star was waiting for help. The yellow star followed the green star and said: “I want to go, too.”

Once the green star arrived, all the cars were very happy, but no car started to drive. The red star asked: “Why don’t you start to drive?” The cars said: “Close your eyes. You need to close your eyes.” The red star closed the eyes immediately. And the green star and yellow star followed the red star and closed their eyes also. The cars said: “Open your eyes! Open your eyes!” All the three stars opened their eyes.

“No. Green star open eyes, red star and yellow star close eyes.” The cars said: “That is right, you three take turns to open eyes.” The red star and the yellow star closed their eyes immediately, and the green star opened the eyes widely. And all the cars left one by one sequentially. (Yu Hua)

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