Sunday, January 1, 2017

Folk Story

Once upon a time, two friends were travelling through a dense forest. It was dark and the two friends knew it was dangerous to travel alone. So they pledged to travel together and take care of each other if any vicious animal attacked them. After hours of walking through the forest, the two friends were tired and they decided to rest under a tree for a while.

While they were fast asleep, a huge bear started running towards them and one of the two sleeping friends saw the bear coming. Instead of waking his friend to warn him about the bear, the selfish friend quickly started climbing the tree, under which they were sleeping, to escape from the bear. When the other friend woke up, suddenly he saw the huge bear fast approaching, getting ready to attack him. He called out for help but no one was there to help him. He quickly came up with a smart idea and lay on the ground breathless pretending to be dead. The bear came close to his face, smelled him and thought he was dead. As bears do not attack dead creatures, it walked away leaving him unharmed. To the other friend who was watching it from above the tree, it felt like the bear was whispering something in his friend’s ears. He quickly climbed down the tree and asked his friend, “What did the bear say to you?” His friend replied, “The bear told me not to trust in fake people like you”. (Ashwin, India, 2017)

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