Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is He Fooling

Long long ago, there were two brothers who lived in the bottom of a mountain with their father.  The older brother was a selfish man but the younger brother was very honest.  Everyday they went to the mountain and cut trees and brought it to the city to sell for money.  Day after day they did this.

   One d ay when they went to the mountain, the younger brother's hatchet got lost in the lake.  He had no idea how he could get back the hatchet.  Suddenly, there is an angel who showed up under the lake and brought a gold hatchet for him.  He didn't accept it and he said that his hatchet was very simple.  After that the angel brought a silver hatchet for him but he didn't accept it also.  Finally, the angel found his true hatchet and gave them to him because of his honesty.

When the older brother knew the younger brother got a gold hatchet and a silver hatchet just because he lost his hatchet in the lake he did the same thing.  The angel showed up like before and also brought a gold hatchet for the older brother.  But the older brother didn't accept it and he said he lost two hatchets, one was gold, one was silver.  The angel was angry that the older brother lied to her.  In the end, the angel disappeared and the older brother didn't get any hatchet.

   This story is from Taiwan.  When you had read this story, I believe smart guy like you must know this story tell us how important it is about honor.  If you are honorable you will get extra money.  The truth is if you are honorable for everything, you will have a happy ending.

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