Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Bamboo Princess

Long long time ago, old man and wife lived in a mountain.  They don't have children but they wanted.  One day, old man went to bamboo woods, he found a one of the blinking piece of bamboo.  He cutted that, after cut this what is very small and pretty girl!  He found a small princess, he took her at his house.   She grew up by them, it's like a really family.  They are very enjoying this life.  However, Princess had a one of the trouble, she has to go back to her home town.  It's a moon.  She was kind of nervous, she always stared a moon her face is looks so sadly.  Old man and wife worried her and asked her.  Why you so looks suffer, but she didn't tell them.  she was really confused because she really like them but she has to go back to her home town.  One day, moon is really circle, what is shining from a moon.  This day is deadline of her go back home.
    Her boyfriend is waiting on the moon but she still care about old man and wife.  They gave her a lot of good memories, and they are like her parents.  Although, she doesn't want to tell them about she has to go back home so she think about what is good for them.  Result, she left too much money and some memories.  However, they are not glad too much money.  they just kept those money and her memories but they could have nice and very common life with her memories.  Also Princess got marry with nice guy and she had nice life, too.

 -Sawako Suzuki

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