Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The story of Dan Koon

A long time ago, there was a tiger and bear which wanted to be human.  tiger said, "I want to be a human."  and bear said, "So do I.  how can we be a human?"  Tiger answered, "Let's go to meet a God who lives on a mountain."  Bear answered, "Good idea."  They met a God and asked, "How can we be a human?" God said, "Eat only Garlic and mugwort for ninety days."  they said, "We can do this.  No problem."  God said,"  And you must live in a cavern.  You can't go outside.  If you go outside, you never can be a human."  They said, "No problem."  So they stayed in a cavern, and ate only garlic and mugwort.  After 60 days, tiger said, "I can't stand it anymore, I want to go outside, and eat meat."  And just then bear said, "No, we can be a human.  Please stand."  And tiger said, "No, it's my business.  I don't want to be a human anymore."

Tiger went outside.  so, bear lived alone.  After 30 days, bear became a human, a woman.  "I became a human.  My dreams have come true."  Suddenly God came here, and said, "Good job, bear.  I want to marry you."  Bear answered," So do I."  Finally God married bear, and bear bore a son.  His name is Dan Koon.  He became the first king of your country.

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