Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bogey's Magic Bat

 In this story appears three people, two brothers and one bogey.  Each brother had a lump on his neck.
   The older brother was very rich, but he never helped his poor younger brother.  The younger brother's job was getting firewood.  He was very honest and kind.  One day, after working, he was very tired, so he found some melon house (these were small houses in melon patches, used by workers to rest).  He had some rest and he was singing in there.  At that time some bogey heard his singing, and it was very nice, so the bogey approached him and the bogey said, "How can you sing like that?"  He was very afraid and was trembling, and he said, "This lump makes me sing well."  So the bogey heated the lump with his magic bat, and gave him a lot of gold with his magic bat.  After that happened he became rich, so he got a big house and a beautiful wife.  One day his older brother visited his home, and the older brother said, "How could you become more rich than me?"  So the younger brother discussed what happened.  The older brother went to the same melon house and he sang the same song, but it was tood bad, and then the bogey came to him, so the older brother said, "This lump makes me sing like that," before the bogey even asked him.  But the bogey knew that the younger brother had lied to him, so he was very angry about that.  So the bogey gave one more lump to the older brother, so he now had two lumps on his neck.
   This story tells us never to desire more than we own.

   -Jun Yang, Korea

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