Thursday, March 7, 2013

The rabbit and his liver

May 8, 2000

Once upon a time, there lived a king in a kingdom of a deep sea.  One day, the king came down with a severe disease.  All medicine in his kingdom were no good for his illness.  Then, one doctor recommended a liver of rabbit as the last method.  A turtle was chosen as a dispatcher to get the rabbit's liver.  At last, he started his long journey.
   He found a rabbit playing in a grass.  He decided to take the rabbit to the sea and started to tempt the rabbit.  He said to the rabbit that there are a lot of precious things in the kingdom of undersea.  After entering to the sea, but the turtle feel pity at the rabbit.  Because he thought the rabbit couldn't help escaping from the water, he told the truth to the rabbit which were sitting over his back.
   The rabbit responded that at the time that you had found her, she had been drying her liver out of her body.  The turtle didn't believe her saying at first, but he thought that might be possible.

   They went to back to the land to fetch the rabbit's liver.  As soon as they arrived the land, the rabbit jumped out of the turtle's back and disappeared.


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