Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Poem by Lee-Bye

There are many great poets in our country.  they wrote many very famous poems.  EVery poet had a special style of poetry.  One poet wrote many poems about feeling very well.  He was born in the Don Dynasty.  His name was Lee-Bye.  He liked to drink.  One day, he drank on a boat.  He saw the moon on the water and he wanted to catch the moon.  so he jumped into the water and died. 
   One of his poems is the most famous.  Most people know this poem in my country.  Its thesis is "missing at night."  He wrote, "The moonlight is in front of the bed, I suspect that it's snow on the ground.  I look at the moon and after a while, I miss my hometown."
   Lee-Bye's character doesn't like strictness in his life.  He liked freedom, so he often traveled somewhere.  You can feel his feeling or look at a natural beautiful scene when you read his poems.

   -Stella Lai, 

AE1-A Core
Summaries of Native Literature

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