Tuesday, March 5, 2013



One day, a crow flew in the sky, in a place with a hot climate.  The crow had symptoms of hunger and thirst for water, but couldn't find a source of water,  The crow flew for a long time looking for a source of water, but couldn't find one.  Finally the crow found a jug with a little bit of water in it.  The crow tried to drink the water, but the top of the jug was too small so the crow's head wouldn't fit down into the jug.  The crow thought a long time, and finally thought to put rocks into the jug in order to make the water go to the top.  The crow kept putting rocks into the jug for a long time, until finally the water went up to the top of the bottle and it could drink the water.  The tale teaches us that putting effort into something will bring accomplishment.

   -Nut Tiranasar

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