Saturday, March 9, 2013


I don't have a car, so sometimes I go shopping by walking.  About one month ago, my two friends and I went downtown by foot, because we wanted to see recycled clothes.  We thought, it's not so far, so we can go there.  We started at 10:30.  At first we were enjoying walking.  About 20 minutes later, somebody said, "Can't we arrive there yet?"  and somebody answered, "mmm…"  At that time, we were lost.  We were just walking.  We didn't want to talk.  When we arrived at that recycled clothes shop, we were very tired, so we couldn't find our favorite clothes.
   Then we left the recycled clothes shop, but we just walked.  One of my friends said, "Are you tired?"  We answered, "Yeah.  Are you tired?"  "Yeah."  "I'm tired too."  Then we could see Bank IV. "Oh, our dormitory is near here."  We were glad to see that.  We felt a little better, so we could talk.  One of the friends said, "What do you want to eat for lunch?"  They answered, "Steak."  "Sushi."  We were all so hungry.  When I came back to the dormitory, I fell down in the bed.  I couldn't even eat.  It was 2:30.
Now, I think that my dormitory is very far from Bank IV, and downtown, but I still don't have a car, so I sometimes go to Ramey's by walking.
    -Akiko Sugihara

Writing Level 3, Summer 1992

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