Thursday, March 7, 2013

It is impossible to reap without sowing

There have a story about that it is impossible to reap without sowing.
   There is a farmer who is very poor because he is very lazy and like sleeping.  His wife see he is still sleeping in the bed while it is almost at noon.  she push the farmer to farm in the field then the farmer go to the farm unwillingly.  The farm is drought and less harvest because of the farmer's lazy habit.  He lay down the tree and sleeping again.  A rabbit running fast to avoid dogs chasing.  Suddenly the rabbit bump into the tree which farmer lying and the rabbit died.  The farmer wake up and find there is a rabbit lay down with him, he think, it's god's goodness to help him not need to work hard but can earn the food.  After that, he start laying down beside the tree and waiting for other rabbits bumps onto the tree.  Actually, this kind of things is happen occasionally.  The farmer not getting another rabbit any more and becoming more and more poor.  The farm crops are all died because of farmer's careless.


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