Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cost of to be unpatient


One man living in a miserable village finds out one day that his hen instead of eggs lays gold.  Nice surprise, he builds a beautiful house for the animal and prevent it from going outdoors.  As a result, the hen stops laying the gold.  Then, he gives freedom to the animal.  After a while, the hen rebegins to lay gold.  He just start to suspect anyone of stealing his gold without opening his mouth and inform people about the good news concerning his hen.  To halt this worrying and take alone advantage of this gold, this man decides to kill the animal in order to take from its stomach the whole gold hidden over there.  He goes throughout his decision but afterward, he has been disappointed:  He found nothing inside the hen!
   He begins to cry and many people come to his house to know what happened.  Because of his stupidity, he couldn't tell people what is the matter.  Finally, his kids apread out the news and everybody begins laughing at him in the village.
   This is until where, to ber sparing with something can lead someone.  The man has lost all the gold because he wants to get the whole right now.  It's the price of not be patient:  Patience is the way of happiness in human life.  Isn't it?

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