Tuesday, March 5, 2013


   In "Choose," by Mook-yeal Lee, the author tells about one woman's whole life.  She was born in the Sun-Jo Dynasty in Korea and she died in the Suk-Jong Dynasty (19th Century).  She was of noble blood.  her last name is Jang.  She married at nineteen and was a member of an extended family system.  It is a traditional thing.  In that period of time, the culture was extremely conservative.  This novel gives the lesson of correct life-style to women; even though men were treated very importantly at that time, women weren't at all.  This novel encourages women as peers in the relationships between husband and wife.  She was not mild-tempered, but was very womanly.  She was gentle and soft but she had strong beliefs.  This novel is one of the great feminist novels.

   -Jenny Kim, Korea

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