Wednesday, March 6, 2013


In Japan, there is a fairy tale, "Kaguya-hime."  The author says that Kaguya-hime is a princess of the moon.  One day, an old man was cutting bamboo.  He found a shining stalk of bamboo.  He cut the bamboo.  Then, in the bamboo was a little girl.  He took her home.  She grew.  She helped the old man and his wife.  And then they were rich.  She was very beautiful.  so, many guys wanted to get married with her.  They came to her house every day.  so, she set conditions for them.  They were to get a dragon's scale and find a medicinal herb that couldn't be found easily.  They couldn't bring them.  After that she went back to the moon.
   In my opinion, this story has a dream.  This story isn't true, but it can give us a dream.  This story is also called "Taketori-Monogatari."  It was written a long long time ago.  Then people were wearing
"kimono."  So, I think the author was smart.

   Do you know the story?
It's famous in Japan.  It's a movie too.

   -Kumi Ishihara

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