Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Summary of Sim-Chung

In Sim-Chung, there was a young daughter who had a blind widower.  Her mother died when she was a little kid.  so she had to look after her blind father.  They had a very difficult condition.  But they lived very happily.  At that time, one day they had a special ceremony for superstition in the village.  During the ceremony, they put a woman into the sea.  When they chose the woman, she had to be a virgin, be beautiful, and live in that village.  They suggested that sim-Chung do it.  If she would do it, they would pay lots of money for it.  And her father could heal his eyes, if they had that much money, so Sim-Chung do it.  If she would do it, they would pay lots of money, so Sim Ching decided to do it.  After that, Sim-Chung was reborn in the same aged as before.  She was very beautiful and kind.  she got married with the king of the country.  But she wasn't happy because she was still worried about her father, so she asked the king to have a party for the blind.  The last day of the party, she found her father.  he was still blind.  But the moment they met, he opened his eyes.
   I read this book when I was 8.  I liked this story and I still like it, because of her kind mind.  And it has a happy ending.
   -Shanon Yoon, Korea

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