Thursday, March 7, 2013

Story (Woman in the Kitchen)

Korean Fairy Tale

A long long time ago, a stupid guy lived in Korea, but he was very kind.  Every day he worked to cultivate his  field.  After finishing work, someone made dinner.  Therefore, he was surprised because he lived alone.  One day, he went to work but came back in a few minutes.  He was just curious about what was happening.  He hid and watched the kitchen.  A beautiful woman prepared dinner in the kitchen.  After watching this happening, he went back to the field.  Every day, he watched that.  After several days, he came into the kitchen and met the woman.  She and he were surprised.  And then he asked the woman, why every day are you making dinner for me?  She just smiled.  She said that you are a good person, so I want to give help.  Finally, he and she got married.  They lived happily forever after.

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