Saturday, March 9, 2013

My American Life

I came to America on May 20.  When I was in Japan, I thought America was very dangerous.  However I don't think so now, because it isn't dangerous in Pittsburg and it is quiet.  If possible, I would prefer that it was convenient in Pittsburgh.
   I have lived in the dormitory for two months.  When I came to the dormitory, I was confused, because I was surprised that there were many international students.  I was thinking there were many American students in the dormitory.  Now I have many international friends.  They're very friendly, I think . I ate Bangladeshi food once, and I thought it was very spicy, but it was very delicious for me.  My friends and I cooked Japanese food and they ate it.  I thought that one of the Bangladeshis liked it.  when I watched that, I was happy.
   Now I have spent good time for two months, I think.  I want to make many good friends and I must study English because I came to study English in America.  When I make good friends, I have to speak English conversation.  I think it has a good effect on me to speak English.
   I want to keep on making good friends.  Then, I want to go up by myself.

  -Fusayo Kanamoto

Writing Level 3, Summer 1992

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