Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Trip

Writing Level 3, Summer 1992

One day three months ago, I went to L.A., California with my friends.  I went there by plane from Japan.  The trip there took ten hours.  We were sleeping, watching a movie, and listening to music on the plane.  we were very excited because that was the first time we had ever gone to the U.S.A.
   We arrived in L.A. at night.  Then we went to the hotel by taxi.  That hotel is near Disney Land.  We were so tired and had jet lag.  we slept in the bed very quickly.  The next day, we went to Disney Land.  we were very happy and excited like children.  We went back to the hotel at night.  Then we ate dinner.  It was very good.  The next day we went shopping and sightseeing in L.A.  We went to the Hard Rock Cafe, Chinese theatre, everywhere.
   We went to Universla Studio before we left.  We really enjoyed ourselves there.  We didn't want to leave L.A.  We want to go to L.A. again!

   -Yuki Saito

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