Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rabbit and Turtle

   A long time ago, there was a rabbit and a turtle.  One day the rabbit said, "Let's race from here to the top of the mountain."  The turtle said, "No, because I know you'll win."  However, the race was started.  The rabbit ran very fast, but the turtle walked very slowly, so on the way to the race the rabbit took a rest and slept.  The turtle walked hard without rest even though his pace was very slow.  And at last, the turtle passed the rabbit but the rabbit didn't notice.  In the end the turtle arrived on the top of the mountain, and the rabbit noticed that the turtle wasn't in back of him, so the rabbit ran very fast but didn't catch up with the turtle.  The rabbit cried a lot but the turtle smiled!!
   -Yuki, Japan

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