Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Day in Amsterdam

Writing Level 3, Summer 1992

Two months ago I came to the U.S. by plane.  I took the plane from Jordan.  The plane was late in Jordan because there was a problem in the engines.  When we arrived in Amsterdam, we had to transfer to another plane, but we found that the plane had already taken off, because we were late in Jordan.
   In the Amsterdam airport, they told us that we had two choices.  The first choice was to take the next plane to New York City, which was at 11:00P.M.  But we refused, because we had arrived in Amsterdam at 1:00PM, so we would have to stay ten hours in the airport, and we were very tired.  We accepted the second choice, which was to spend a day in Amsterdam.  When we went to the immigration in the airport, we were six persons.  All of us were Arabs.  They refused to give us a visa to spend a day in Amsterdam.  We were very sad and disappointed.  We didn't know what to do.  Then a nice person came and spoke to us.  We told him the problem.  then he went to the immigration and spoke to them.  they decided to give us the visa at last.  Then we went to the hotel near the airport.
   Amsterdam is a very beautiful city.  The Dutch people are very nice and kind.  I enjoyed myself very much in Amsterdam.  Next day we went to the airport and we took the plane to the U.S.A.  It was an nice trip.

   -Jamal Haj Naser

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